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Wendy Mesley disciplined by CBC News for using the N-word

CBC News has disciplined news host Wendy Mesley. An internal investigation found that she used offensive language "on two separate occasions during editorial meetings."

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

CBC executive says broadcaster may allow reporters to express personal views

A top executive in the CBC has said that the outlet is considering allowing their reporters to express personal opinions about political issues.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

CBC pundit received tens of thousands in taxpayer dollars from Trudeau government

The taxpayer-funded CBC has said that they were unaware of the payments made to Prof. Mathen.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CBC targets independent news outlet for 'racism' after it reports accurately on China

CBC is under fire after publishing a hostile article targeting an independent conservative media outlet run by members of a highly-persecuted Chinese religious minority for its accurate reporting on China.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

CBC considers Taiwan a 'province of China' on coronavirus map

The CBC has listed Taiwan as a province of China on its coronavirus map, providing another example of the Canadian establishment pandering to the Chinese.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

CBC Kids News promotes hunger strike for teens

CBC Kids News has published an article in favour of Canadian teens embarking on a hunger strike.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

WATCH: Erin O’Toole pledges to privatize CBC English television

Erin O’Toole has pledged to eliminate 50 percent of the CBC’s English-langauge television, with a plan to privatize it over the course of four years in government.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

CBC pulls out of Omar Khadr speaking event in Halifax

CBC’s Nahlah Ayed is no longer going to moderate a discussion at Dalhousie University in Halifax that includes Omar Khadr as a guest speaker.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Trudeau government wants to empower CBC to police journalists

The Trudeau government appears to have its sights on making the CBC gatekeeper of news in Canada. Just one more example of the Liberals disgraceful abuses of power.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Eight times CBC’s Rosemary Barton showed bias for the Liberals

Since Rosemary Barton has been moved to CBC’s chief political correspondent, let’s recount some of the times she was incredibly biased for the Liberals.

Graeme Gordon Graeme Gordon

Rosemary Barton dropped from CBC’s The National, format scrapped

The CBC is scrapping its flagship program The National’s new format, citing declining ratings since the revamp. Rosemary Barton will no longer be an anchor.

Graeme Gordon Graeme Gordon

CBC lost more than half its ad revenues over five years: Report

CBC’s ratings and ad revenues continue to plummet, losing over half of its ad revenues since 2014.

Graeme Gordon Graeme Gordon

CBC and Canadian Press don’t care to get it right on climate change

“It’s because there are more people there, and they’re starting fires.”

Alex Dhaliwal and Wyatt Claypool Alex Dhaliwal and Wyatt Claypool

CBC blurs line between journalism and Liberal ‘pamphleteering’

State broadcaster continues to struggle with partisanship.

Ali Taghva Ali Taghva

CBC and Rosemary Barton are suing Conservative Party of Canada for copyright infringement

The CBC and The National host Rosemary Barton are suing the Conservative Party of Canada for copyright infringement over the CBC clips used on its “Not as Advertised” website attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and for using CBC debate clips on the CPC Twitter feed.

Graeme Gordon Graeme Gordon