CDC head claims there will be enough vaccines for Americans by mid 2021

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, predicts that America will have enoughvaccines to take care of the general population by the third quarter of 2021

James Anthony

BREAKING: CDC defies Trump's executive order, moves forward with critical race theory indoctrination

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is reportedly moving forward with critical race theory-inspired trainings in violation of President Donald Trump's executive cease and desist order that abolishes social justice indoctrination in the federal government.

Mia Cathell

CDC says of coronavirus: 'for 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned'—Twitter called this false information

President Trump tweeted out this information, which is directly stated on the CDC website, but Twitter took down the tweet, saying that it was false information.

Collin Jones

BC CDC releases new guide of correct terms to make people feel less bad about having COVID-19

BC's CDC has just released a new guide aiming at reducing the stigma, , and exclusion often associated with terms related to the coronavirus.

James Anthony

Americans dying after drinking hand sanitizer, says CDC

People are drinking hand sanitizer, becoming sick and even dying according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sam Edwards

CDC says coronavirus on the cusp of non-epidemic status

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the percentage of coronavirus-related deaths has declined and is on the verge of reaching non-epidemic status.

Collin Jones

Ads that affirm our worst impulses are doing more harm than good

Unhealthy eating habits, encouraged by coronavirus contagion confusion, pose a more imminent danger that just making it harder to fit into a pre-pandemic wardrobe.

Mia Cathell

South Dakota will not limit attendance at July 4th Mount Rushmore celebration

Governor Kristi Noem does not plan to implement physical distancing measures for the upcoming celebration at the Mount Rushmore monument for America's Independence Day.

Quinn Patrick

Lockdowns a strong possibility as 23 states see increase in COVID-19 cases

Lockdowns may be reintroduced if there is another surge in COVID-19 cases, according to Dr. Jay Butler of the CDC.

Collin Jones

Accidental poisonings from disinfectants are up in Canada, here's how to prevent them

Accidental poisonings with home cleaners are increasing in Canada, as more people who take precautions at home by disinfecting surfaces and groceries.

Libby Emmons

Families of essential workers are also on the front lines of the pandemic

Essential workers like nurses and delivery persons are on the front lines of the coronavirus, but so are their partners and families at home.

Dounia Royer