CF Snowbirds

Fatal Snowbird crash likely caused by bird strike

Investigators looking into the Canadian air force Snowbird crash that killed Capt. Jennifer Casey say that the crash was likely caused by a bird strike.

Sam Edwards

Tragic Snowbirds crash shows Canadian Armed Forces deserve better funding, equipment

Amid our national grief, there is a growing recognition that our heroic armed forces members deserve much better equipment, both for their safety and for the effective defence of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Experts call for old Snowbird jets to be retired

As the nation mourns over the Snowbird plane crash tragedy, some experts are calling for the discontinuation of the 60-year-old planes.

Barrett Wilson

Trudeau government cancelled replacement of 60-year-old Snowbird planes in 2018

The Snowbird plane that crashed in British Columbia on Sunday was 60-years-old and due to be replaced before Justin Trudeau cancelled the purchase.

Nico Johnson

Pilot of crashed Snowbird currently being treated for injuries

The RCAF Snowbird that crashed in British Columbia on Sunday has been heard across the country, resulting in the death of Jennifer Casey and injuring Captain Richard MacDougall.

Collin Jones