Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

The politicians were wrong—predictions on coronavirus deaths were wild exaggerations

The facts are in. The COVID-19 death predictions of governments are proving to be wild exaggerations that have inflicted unnecessary fear, anxiety and stress on millions of people.

John Carpay John Carpay

Canada needs a challenge to coronavirus lockdowns to defend Charter freedoms

While there have been court challenges in the UK and Ireland, Canada has yet to see a test of their coronavirus restrictions.

Andrew Mahon Andrew Mahon

Please don’t cough while using a urinal: Alberta’s new restaurant regulations

The restaurant relaunch guidelines show that the Alberta government sees us as naïve toddlers, who must be carefully managed. For our own good, of course.

John Carpay John Carpay

The curve is flat enough so why are the lockdowns continuing?

Governments owe it to Canadians to consider it, and let the data, rather than inaccurate and outdated predictions, drive decision-making.

John Carpay John Carpay

Ontario church holds drive-in service while police record the proceedings

Police made an appearance at a drive-in service held at an Ontario church on Sunday to enforce the province-wide emergency order.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

The cost of the coronavirus cure could be deadlier than the disease

Politicians speak as though shutting down our economy, unemployment, shredding the social fabric and pushing millions into poverty will not kill Canadians.

John Carpay John Carpay

Edmonton’s proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’ violates privacy and choice of adults

Edmonton’s City Council’s proposed Bylaw 19061 would be an invasion into people’s privacy.

John Carpay John Carpay