Petition started to take wounded horse away from Census Cowboy

A petition has been put up to rescue Nunu, the horse that nearly died at the hands of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's "Census Cowboy" Adam Hollingsworth, and to prevent him from owning any more animals.

James Anthony

Chicago mayor's 'Census Cowboy' tortured his horse on a seven-mile highway 'protest run'—now it may be put down

A Chicago man who Mayor Lori Lightfoot had referred to as the "Census Cowboy" took his injured horse for a seven-mile run down the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday. The horse, NuNu, is reported to be in critical condition and may need to be euthanized.

Collin Jones

BLM activists demand 'justice' for disgraced actor Jussie Smollett 'and all targeted by police misconduct'

Black Lives Matter activists are still "demanding justice" for alleged hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett, now claiming that his grand jury indictment on six charges of filing false reports is proof of racism in the legal system.

Mia Cathell

Police deliver two gunshot wounds to male in Chicago—suspect in stable condition

A male was reportedly shot twice by police in Cook County, Chicago, on Wednesday next to LeClaire Courts on the Southwest Side.

Collin Jones

Chicago mayor uses police to stop journalists from filming a controversial story about her

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot used local police to prevent BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer and freelance reporter Kalen D'Almeida from filming on a public street outside the mayor's house and capturing a controversial story about her.

Mia Cathell

Black Lives Matter Chicago activist threatens city to give in to group's demands

A Black Lives Matter activist in Chicago, identified as Taylor Norwood, has promised to bring hell and all its fury to the city unless she sees her demands met.

Ian Miles Cheong

Chicago mayor bans protestors—but only on her own block

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot banned protestors, but only on the block where she lives, citing safety concerns for her family and her due to "daily" threats.

James Anthony

Openly gay Chicago mayor denounced by LGBT organization for refusing to defund police

The Human Rights Campaign has been forced to denounce their own praise of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, who is an openly gay woman of color.

Chad Felix Greene

Chicago cops shut down violent anti-police riot downtown, conduct mass arrests

Following the suspected "Magnificent Mile" looting orchestration, Chicago police cracked down on a massive protest downtown, leading to 24 arrests including four felonies on Saturday night.

Mia Cathell

Chicago police union demands feds to charge looters who vandalized the city's 'Magnificent Mile'

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter to the United States Attorney’s office late last week, urging the federal government to charge dozens of looters who wrecked the city’s “Magnificent Mile” shopping district and caused an estimated $60 million in damages.

Mia Cathell

Chicago rioters smash Ronald McDonald House while sick kids and their families hide inside

This week, staff at a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago reported that sick kids and their families hid in fear while looters smashed the main door trying to get inside.

Terry Newman

Black Chicagoans force BLM protest out of their neighbourhood

Black residents in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood interrupted a protest led by Chicago's Black Lives Matter and demanded that they disperse.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: BLM activist claims looting and theft are 'reparations'

"If somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy's or a Nike because that makes sure that that person eats, that makes sure that person has clothes, that's reparations. That is reparations."

Libby Emmons

'Coordinated' looters use U-Hauls to rob stores

Looters appear to be moving around in rented U-Haul vans and trucks, raising serious suspicions that the looting isn’t as random as may be thought.

James Anthony

Chicago mayor raises fence in park after shaming sunbathers on Twitter

The photo, which shows dozens of peaceful sunbathers, lead to Lightfoot's decision to fence off where the bathers had gathered.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz