Oracle picked as partner to save TikTok in the US

The tech giant Oracle wheeled and dealed on Monday with ByteDance, the Chinese owner of viral video-sharing app TikTok.

Mia Cathell

Exiled Chinese virologist claims she has proof that COVID-19 was man made in Wuhan lab

The exiled Chinese virologist who fled to the United States to spread the truth about COVID-19 has entered the public spotlight again to expose scientific evidence proving that the coronavirus was concocted in a military Wuhan laboratory.

Mia Cathell

Chinese Ambassador says bringing manufacturing back to Canada is hopeless attempt to stop globalization

Canada has run a trade deficit with China every year since 1992, including nearly-$52 billion last year.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Disney thanks China for letting them film Mulan near site of Muslim concentration camps

Disney just thanked China for their cooperation in letting them film Mulan within Chinese borders. The problem is that some scenes were filmed in an area where Chinese authorities are engaged in what many detractors have called ethnic cleansing or even genocide.

James Anthony

UPDATE: Canadian-owned face mask factory says they did not use Chinese slave labour

Chinese prison labour was assigned to work at a Canadian-owned mask factory in Shanghai.

Joe Vaughan

Trump administration considers 'genocide' label for China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims

According to two Trump administration officials, the United States is considering designating the repression of Muslim minority Uyghurs in China a "genocide."

Sam Edwards

US Department of Education investigates Fordham University for punishing pro-freedom Chinese-American student

The Trump Administration is investigating Fordham University for punishing a Chinese-American student who posted a picture of himself armed in protest of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Mia Cathell

Trudeau government must ensure PPE is not made by Chinese slave labour

Canada should prioritize the purchase of PPE manufactured by free and democratic countries over those made in totalitarian states.

Kelly Block

Chinese exile doctor reveals truth about coronavirus—now hiding in the US

A doctor in China fled her own country to reveal the truth about COVID-19, which some speculate may have originated in a military lab in Wuhan.

Collin Jones

Trump demands ByteDance sell TikTok and destroy all stored data within three months

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday, demanding China-owned ByteDance sell all US assets and destroy all stored data within three months.

Collin Jones

LESLYN LEWIS: Canada, it's time to refocus on China

"Canada must demand fair play and respect from China. To do this we must use every tool at our disposal to reverse the failures of Trudeau’s timid approach."

Dr. Leslyn Lewis

Prominent pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai arrested by Hong Kong authorities

This marks the first time that the new national security law was used against the press.

Joe Vaughan

China sentences Canadian to death for drug related charges

A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to death after being charged with manufacturing ketamine as tensions run high between the countries.

Sam Edwards

Microsoft deal to buy TikTok under scrutiny due to close ties with Beijing

A deal which would allow TikTok to avoid a ban by the US may be in jeopardy due to concerns over Microsoft’s being too close to the Chinese government.

James Anthony

'Experts' accuse those who oppose lockdown orders of spreading conspiracy theories

Those who oppose lockdown measures and infringements to personal freedoms are touted as conspiracy theorists, according to a new study.

Collin Jones