CHRISTMAS CANCELLED: Toronto axes Christmas market as COVID cases grow

Mayor Tory said that city will be working on giving guidelines on how to properly and safely celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween as well.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Waitress receives $2,000 tip on Christmas

A waitress who was in need of money after an expensive car repair bill was given a $2,000 tip on Christmas Eve by her well-wishing regular customers.

Barrett Wilson

Veteran wakes up out of a coma just in time for Christmas

A Christmas miracle occurred in Nebraska, where a “Purple Heart” veteran woke out of a coma after suffering a brain injury.

Siddak Ahuja

Plea for help found in Christmas card manufactured in China

“We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai Qingpu prison China. Forced to work against our will. Please help us and notify human rights organization.”

Quinn Patrick

Little boy in shelter asks Santa for a good dad for Christmas

A 7-year-old boy in a domestic shelter wrote a letter to Santa asking for a good dad this Christmas

Sam Edwards

How people are making Baby Yoda Christmas cookies

People are making their own Baby Yoda Christmas cookies with angel cookie cutters thanks to a baking trick shared by Twitter user J.R. McGrail.

Sam Edwards

Another Ontario auto plant is closing—2,500 jobs lost just before Christmas

Workers at the Oshawa Car Assembly have been building cars since 1907. 2,500 workers will lose their jobs just before Christmas.

Spencer Fernando

Don’t pull an Elizabeth Warren this Christmas—know your heritage!

Before making claims of who your ancestors are, get AncestryDNA and Ancestry® Family History this Christmas and be sure about your family’s past.

Quinn Patrick

WHITE CHRISTMAS: GTA will have snow for the holidays

It’s looking like it may be a white Christmas for Toronto this year

Sam Edwards

Cannabis edibles for sale by Christmas in most Canadian Provinces

Edibles will be ready for sale by Christmas in most Canadian provinces

Sam Edwards

‘Porch pirates’ stealing Christmas packages across Canada

Porch thieves are stealing unattended Christmas packages from outside the homes of Canadians across the country, according to police and Canada Post.

Sam Edwards

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Anonymous Canadian couple pays off department store bills

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought that’s the true meaning of Christmas, just being kind to other people. It made me cry.”

Quinn Patrick

Christmas classics are forms of indoctrination

Do the themes inherent in most Christmas classics constitute forms of indoctrination? Of course they do!

Stuart Chambers

Canadian man builds massive Starship Enterprise Christmas display

In his backyard, Ahern has put together his own 16-foot replica of the Enterprise from Star Trek. Ahern noted that the almost perfect scale replica had taken him eight months to build.

Sam Edwards

Amazon slow to stop vendors from selling Holocaust Christmas tree ornaments

The Auschwitz Memorial and Museum pointed out to Amazon that the online retailer had vendors selling Holocaust Christmas tree ornaments.

Graeme Gordon