Christian worshippers kicked out of Seattle park, while city allows anti-police protests that turn into riots

Churchgoers were forced to go elsewhere to worship, meanwhile the protests turned into riots in which Seattle police were violently attacked.

Ari Hoffman and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Christians hold church in casinos as restrictions on worship are tighter than those on gambling

In Las Vegas, where casinos have been allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity while houses of worship are subject to a limit of 50 parishioners, worship was held at a casino.

Libby Emmons

Church vandalism runs rampant after support from race-baiting grifter Shaun King

The uptick in anti-Catholic and anti-Christian sentiment and destruction has mainstream support, including from the likes of Shaun King.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The mob wants to destroy our churches and replace them with temples to social justice

Church communities must stand firm on their principles and values. Our statues, our culture, and our faith are worth protecting.

Peter Pischke

Ontario church holds drive-in service while police record the proceedings

Police made an appearance at a drive-in service held at an Ontario church on Sunday to enforce the province-wide emergency order.

Sam Edwards