City Of Edmonton

Man files $565M lawsuit against City of Edmonton over mandatory mask bylaw

The City of Edmonton is being sued by an Edmonton man for $565 million for its temporary mandatory mask bylaw.

Sam Edwards

POLL: Over half of CFL fans disagree with Edmonton Eskimos name change

Canadians who have attended university show overwhelming support for the decision when compared to residents with high school accreditation.

Sam Edwards

Edmonton city council cuts police budget by $11 MILLION, plans to reinvest in social agencies

Edmonton's city council passed a plan to reform policing that will involve the police working with social agencies to aid Edmonton's most vulnerable.

Quinn Patrick

Edmonton girl, under 10-years-old, stabbed to death

Upon their arrival, the Edmonton Police discovered a young girl under age 10 who was suffering from life-threatening injuries as a result of a stabbing.

Quinn Patrick

Edmonton to temporarily lay off 900 more employees due to coronavirus

An additional 900 employees are being laid off in Edmonton due to coronavirus measures. This includes 450 transit operators.

Sam Edwards

The City of Edmonton is missing a billion dollar opportunity

The City of Edmonton shouldn’t be investing $85 million on land development, which will have a low yield. The money could be put to far better use.

Jon Dziadyk