Climate Change

BREAKING: Trudeau brags about his government's plan to plant two billion trees despite having planted ZERO thus far

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again bragged about his government's intention to plant two billion trees across Canada.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Climate activists block downtown Toronto streets with 'sit-in' for 'climate justice'

Protestors held a “sit-in” outside the Ministry of the Environment on Bay and Wellesley Street as part of the Global Day of Climate Action to demand climate justice and a “clean and just recovery” from COVID-19 that prioritizes climate solutions.

Beth Baisch

Kamala Harris declares climate change a 'public health crisis'

In the areas of these three public health crises: COVID-19, racism, and climate change, discourse is being shut down.

Libby Emmons

California governor cracks down on 'climate crisis' while easing restrictions on pedophilia

Newsom signed a bill effectively reducing penalties for those who commit sexual offenses with minors. This comes as he has blamed climate crisis for wildfires, saying that it is not an ideology but a reality.

Collin Jones

Young people believe climate change 'most serious issue' facing Canadians: Poll

Canadian young people are worried more about climate change than just about anything else.

James Anthony

Trudeau's former environment minister spent over $100,000 on Ubers, rideshares

McKenna's ministry spent a whopping $113,000 on taxis, with the ministry as a whole under Jonathan Wilkinson adding an extra $30,000 on taxis.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government spent $178,000 on travel to climate change conference

Trudeau's minister for the environment spent $178 thousand on air travel to a UN climate change conference in Spain.

Nico Johnson

The left wants to cancel documentary darling Michael Moore

Michael Moore's new documentary exposes the environmental impact of the renewable energy industry, and for that he has raised the ire of climate activists.

Collin Jones

Biden and AOC are hopelessly out of touch with Americans

The left used to support working people, but now they are more interested in telling those working people what they should want and what’s best for them.

Libby Emmons

Insane article promotes coronavirus as a force to fight climate change

In a new white-hot take in The Times, Ed Conway tells us that the coronavirus has an upside: it will kill off old people who don’t believe in climate change

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Trudeau’s environment minister blames climate change for low birth rate

Trudeau’s Environment Minister has said that climate change is to blame for Canada’s low birth rate, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

Nico Johnson

Lead climate change advocate in Senate billed $16,778 for flights

Records released yesterday show that the leading climate advocate for the Senate billed close to $17,000 last year for air travel.

Sam Edwards

Think tank hires ‘climate realist’ to combat Greta mania

The Hearltand Institute, a US conservative think tank based out of Illinois, is hoping to combat Greta mania with their own YouTuber Naomi Seiby.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau government pays media to write climate change articles

The Department of Canadian heritage is paying news outlets to write stories on climate change through taxpayer-funed subsidies, which are in the millions.

Nico Johnson

Ex-Greenpeace leader deplatformed from sustainability conference in Regina

Greenpeace co-founder, Patrick Moore, has been de-platformed from a sustainability conference at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina.

Sam Edwards