Don Lemon says we should add Obama to Mount Rushmore

CNN’s Don Lemon suggested adding former President Barack Obama “front and center” to Mount Rushmore on last night’s show.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell

WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon talks over Terry Crews and lies about Black Lives Matter

Terry Crews appeared on Don Lemon’s show last night to explain why he is not entirely in favour of Black Lives Matter, but Lemon refused to listen.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell

WATCH: CNN anchor tells viewers to reject God

"If you believe in one another and if you do the right thing for yourself and your community, things will get better in this country," Cuomo said. "You don't need help from above; it's within us."

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Twitter nukes satirical Trump video about CNN

Twitter disabled a satirical video posted by President Donald Trump that depicted mock news footage that made fun of CNN's coverage on the issue of race.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

CNN misrepresents the shooting death of a man in San Bernardino

CNN reported that a Hispanic man was shot and killed by members of the San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) Saturday evening, but did not provide photos to give context to the situation.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Ben Carson criticized for downplaying 'systemic racism'

Ben Carson has been heavily criticized for the comments he made on Sunday about his lack of belief in systemic racism in today's world.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

WATCH: CNN analyst says all white people have 'virus' of racism

"So even the most liberal, well-intentioned white person, has a virus in his or her brain that can be activated at an instant," Van Jones said on CNN.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

BREAKING: CNN headquarters attacked by rioters in Atlanta

On Friday evening, CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia came under siege by a mob of rioters angry about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Ian Miles Cheong Ian Miles Cheong

WATCH: James Clapper magically disappears when asked about leaking classified information

James Clapper appeared on CNN today and was asked about the recent revelations that he was one of the Obama-era officials who unmasked General Michael Flynn in 2017.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

CNN adds Greta Thunberg to its lineup of coronavirus 'experts'

While not an epidemiologist, scientist, researcher, or virologist, Thunberg is a high school student from Sweden who is famous for not attending high school.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Jake Tapper attacks news anchor on Twitter for being Christian

Jake Tapper recently took to Twitter to denigrate a news anchor's religious beliefs.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

The internet ROASTS CNN for failed OAN hit piece

While CNN posted a short video today, targeting One America News for its supposedly far-right news commentary, the internet took exception to the fact that the liberal news outlet is apparently unaware of the hypocrisy in accusing another news network of partisan reporting.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

BREAKING: White House Press Secretary RIPS establishment media for downplaying coronavirus

Speaking to the White House press corps, newly minted Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had choice words for the mainstream media establishment.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Don Lemon's Trump rant proves he is a big, fat, entitled baby. Waaah!

Lemon has proven himself to be one of the most entitled brats on television, including a recent aside on last night’s broadcast of CNN Tonight.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CNN deletes evidence of Biden’s alleged assault

Reade took to Twitter to confirm that her mother was, in fact, the person who called in to the show that evening.

Collin Jones Collin Jones