Marshall University professor suspended after she says she hopes Trump supporters die

A Marshall University Professor has been suspended after hosting a virtual lecture where she tells her students that she hopes Trump supporters contract COVID and die.

Angelo Isidorou

Syracuse University to punish students who witness 'racist' incidents and don't act

Syracuse University officials created a new punishment policy for student "bystanders and accomplices" accused of silence and inaction in "racist" offenses.

Mia Cathell

Let colleges and universities fail without bail-out funding

Colleges and universities that are so without virtue or merit should be relegated to a free-fall into oblivion with no pandemic bail-out funding.

Collin Jones

No matter what you think of Woody Allen, censorship is wrong

The censorship of Allen’s book is a perfect example of how group think has now gained prominent influence over the gatekeepers.

Collin Jones

Uber driver obtains college degree after a passenger pays her debt

A passenger paid a woman’s debt after hearing her life story during their car ride.

Sam Edwards