BROKINIS: Toronto company brings male bikini to market

Two Toronto men have just created a new business that sells men’s one shoulder bathing suits which they're calling Brokinis.

Sam Edwards

Viral video reveals that woke people and racists are basically the same

"When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything" went viral today for shedding light on ironic similarities between the "woke" white mob and the racists they detest.

Mia Cathell

John Cleese calls BBC's decision 'stupid,' after removal of Fawlty Towers episode

John Cleese has criticized the BBC over the decision to remove an episode of Fawlty Towers, a sitcom from the 1970's that Cleese created and starred in.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Remembering John Candy, 26 years after his death

John Candy died on 26 years ago today but his humour lives on. Born in Newmarket, Ontario in 1950, Candy first got his start in comedy with Second City.

Quinn Patrick

Seven all-time funny Canadian comedians

Canada is home to some of the funniest humans to ever walk the earth. Our sense of humour is unique to our home and native land for its particular brand of comedy.

Quinn Patrick