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6 months ago

Defying genocide in China: An interview with a Uyghur language activist

"[The Uyghurs] are indoctrinated 24-hours a day in communist ideology and Chinese culture, and the next generation will lose their language."

Noah David Alter
7 months ago

Trump bans Chinese Communist Party members from immigrating to America

The Trump administration announced it will ban members of any foreign Communist party from immigrating to America. This includes the Chinese Communist Party.

The Post Millennial
10 months ago

Western countries and the creep of communism

Western countries are among the most successful in the world. The success of these western countries is derived from the freedom they provide their people.

Jonathan Bradley
a year ago

Central organizer for Communist Party in Canada celebrates detention of Canadians in China

The central organizer for the Communist Party of Canada has shown his support for the detention of two Canadians in a recent Twitter post.

Sam Edwards
a year ago

German city to install controversial Vladimir Lenin statue

Over three decades after the end of communism in the eastern bloc, the western German city of Gelsenkirchen unveiled a controversial new monument in honor of the Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin on Saturday.

Collin Jones
a year ago

Coronavirus expert from China warns second outbreak is imminent

A coronavirus expert from China is warning the world that China will face a second outbreak due to a large flock of people who are returning from abroad.

Nico Johnson
a year ago

It’s hard to answer the question: ‘Is Bernie Sanders an anti-Semite?’

Bernie Sanders has turned his back on his Jewish heritage and his political ideology is one that attracts many anti-Semites.

Ari Hoffman
a year ago

Canada’s ambassador to China to be questioned over dodgy ties to the regime

Federal members of parliament have summoned Canada’s ambassador to China for an “unprecedented hearing.”

Nico Johnson
a year ago

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s JC Mounduix opens up about escaping communism

Big Brother’s iconic star JC Mounduix speaks to Blaire White about his hatred of communism and love of America and capitalism.

Blaire White
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