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2 months ago

Conservative Party Convention to be held virtually

The convention will take place March 18 to 20, 2021.

Angelo Isidorou
2 months ago

Trudeau government's criminalization of conversion therapy could overstep parental rights

Conservative lawmakers worry that the bill as it's written could conflate sex and gender and make it illegal to stop a minor from transitioning, since that could be labelled "conversion therapy."

Nicole Russell
3 months ago

Lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions should have been challenged by Conservatives

Had they got their act together faster, the Conservatives might have offered some rigorous opposition to the government, with the threat of a viable alternative.

Andrew Mahon
5 months ago

Erin O'Toole declared Conservative leader

Erin O'Toole has won the leadership contest to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada after a gruelling campaign.

Nico Johnson
5 months ago

WE scandal is proving detrimental to Trudeau's voter base

The Conservative Party of Canada is set to choose its new leader next week—a leader that could become the next prime minister of the country.

Collin Jones
6 months ago

Conservatives within one point of Liberals amid WE scandal

Liberal support has recently become weaker as the WE controversy slowly unravels.

Sam Edwards
6 months ago

ME Before WE: It's in Trudeau's nature

Just like the Scorpion in Aesop's Fable, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can't seem to help himself. It's in his nature to use the power of his office to enrich himself, reward his friends, and punish his critics.

Michael Barrett
6 months ago

Conservative Ontario MP's family tied up in drug bust

A Conservative MP has had a family member arrested by the St. Thomas police in a drug bust.

Nico Johnson
7 months ago

The 'revolving door' between Ontario's PCs and the for-profit seniors care industry worst hit by coronavirus

Conservative politicians and insiders routinely turn from the party and government payroll to cashing in on for-profit long-term care. Likewise, the for-profit lobby has given at least $340,477 in political donations to the Ontario PCs since 2007.

Samuel Helguero
8 months ago

New poll results undermine narrative that conservatives are anti-gay

The idea of near-majority support for gay marriage among Republicans would have been unthinkable as recently as 2010, but it is now the reality per a new poll.

Brad Polumbo
9 months ago

Scheer demands that Parliament reopen and rejects Liberals' plan of virtual sessions

Canada’s four main parties were not able to reach an agreement on how Parliament should be operating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sam Edwards
10 months ago

WARTIME SPENDING: $350 BILLION granted to Trudeau government to fight coronavirus

Pandemic relief programs will cost the country #350 billion dollars, a hefty sum larger than the entire 2019 federal budget, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
a year ago

New directions for conservative ideas–a sketch of future possibilities

Conservatives in Canada need to look for new ideas in order to stay relevant and win in the future.

Mark Wegierski
a year ago

Conservatives need to better communicate the right’s admirable principles

The average Canadian doesn’t know what the founding conservative principles are, and how they help keep a healthy democracy.

Denis Tsarev
a year ago

Why does the left continue to mob LGBT conservatives?

Conservative members of the LGBT community face immense backlash from the left as well as skepticism from some on the right.

Blaire White

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