Contact Tracing

Canadians are not using the government's COVID tracing app

Though very few Canadians have decided to download the Public Health Agency's coronavirus-tracing app, Covid-19 Alert, the agency insisted that it was "never going to be 100 percent perfect."

Collin Jones

Health Canada's COVID-19 contact tracing app launches Friday

The COVID-19 contact tracing app by Health Canada has now launched following an Ontario-wide test run that was delayed earlier this month.

Sam Edwards

De Blasio bans contact tracing of protesters, then says protests didn't lead to COVID-19 infections

Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed contact tracers within the five boroughs to not ask COVID-19 positive persons whether they had participated in protests. Now the city that never sleeps is reporting that there's no uptick in coronavirus cases as a result of the protests.

Libby Emmons

Trudeau launches 'completely voluntary' coronavirus contact tracing phone app

The federal government will begin testing a contact tracing by using a "completely voluntary" mobile app that can be used anywhere in Canada.

Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Ford says Ontario businesses can refuse service to those who refuse to wear a face mask

Doug Ford spoke today and the emphasis was on the construction industry, contact tracing and reopening.

Libby Emmons

Trudeau will work with big tech to create app to track Canadians

Justin Trudeau has said that the government is looking to produce a contact tracing app to fight coronavirus in a press conference today.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Trudeau falls short of echoing US condemnation of China's Hong Kong power grab

Trudeau addressed a need to ramp-up testing and contact tracing. He did not condemn Beijing's clampdown on Hong Kong's freedoms.

Libby Emmons

Quebec considering a new contact tracing app for use in containing coronavirus

Quebec Premier François Legault said the province is in talks with a Montreal AI institute, which has developed a contact-tracing app.

Collin Jones