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14 people face $880 fines for attending Ontario house party

Last Tuesday night, police arrived at a house party inScarborough, shutting it down and handing out 14 fines for $880 each to people hosting and in attendance.

James Anthony

Lack of cancer screening during pandemic results in 3,000+ missed diagnoses in Quebec, says expert

Mammography has still not reached its pre-pandemic levels, as Quebec's new daily positive test rate are reaching numbers not seen since well into the first wave.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

NFL teams, coaches fined over a MILLION dollars for not wearing masks

NFL teams including the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers have been fined for all three of the teams’ coaches not wearing masks during games.

James Anthony

Ontario COVID cases jump to 478—highest number since early May

Lamentably, cases continue to spike in Ontario on a day to day basis, as the last reporting period shows 478 new cases, up from the previously reported 425.

James Anthony

CHRISTMAS CANCELLED: Toronto axes Christmas market as COVID cases grow

Mayor Tory said that city will be working on giving guidelines on how to properly and safely celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween as well.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Airbnb removes over 40 Ontario listings in bid to weed out 'party houses'

Airbnb has temporarily suspended over 40 listings across Ontario, as the short-term rental giant continues in its effort to weed out "party houses" during the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Music legend Van Morrison to release three new anti-lockdown 'protest' songs

Van Morrison makes no bones about his vehement opposition to the lockdown measures in place right now in the UK and elsewhere, and has enshrined his sentiments in three new songs.

James Anthony

Canada-US land border to remain closed through October 21

Officials have decided to continue the closure of all Canada/US land borders thought the 21st of October, due to ongoing concerns over the coronavirus.

James Anthony

Lady Gaga believes that all Americans are born with white supremacy

"Social justice is not just a literacy, it's a lifestyle," she said. "I am in the process of learning and unlearning things I've been taught my whole life."

James Anthony

CDC head claims there will be enough vaccines for Americans by mid 2021

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, predicts that America will have enoughvaccines to take care of the general population by the third quarter of 2021

James Anthony

BREAKING: Trudeau says he does not think Canadians want an election

Trudeau said he believes it would be irresponsible to say that "an election would be irresponsible."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Erin O'Toole to be tested for COVID after staff member tests positive

“My family and I are feeling well, but we take COVID-19 very seriously. Today was going to be Jack’s first day back at school, but instead we will be getting tested and self-isolating per public health guidelines," said O'Toole.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

60 percent of businesses closed due to pandemic will never reopen

The study differentiates between businesses that have closed temporarily and those which are permanently shuttered, and that's where the data shows a cause for alarm.

James Anthony

Toronto Pearson Airport seeing most international arrivals with COVID-19 cases

The majority of the flights were operated by Air Canada, while others were operated by United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, HiFly and Egyptair.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

BREAKING: Ford says more lockdowns could happen in Ontario as virus numbers continue to rise

"We all know that a second wave is coming. We see it all over the world. This virus is still among us. And it's spreading... It's up to the 14 million people in this province," said Ford.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz