Eastern Ontario region to require face masks for all indoor spaces

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit's medical officer said that face masks will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces in the coming week.

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Trudeau government extends foreign travel ban to July 31

The current travel ban on most foreign travellers has been extended by the Trudeau government until July 31.

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Air Canada to discontinue 30 routes throughout the country

Air Canada will be closing eight stations around the country and is discontinuing service on 30 of its domestic routes

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Epidemiologist calls Trudeau's top doctor's coronavirus models 'unscientific rubbish'

Dr. Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer said yesterday that coronavirus will be contracted by less than one in ten Canadian residents.

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Toronto mayor to support bylaw making masks mandatory indoors

The top public health official in Toronto is now suggesting that city council approve a bylaw making masks mandatory for residents in “indoor public spaces.”

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Trudeau doubles down on putting his favourite charity in charge of $900 MILLION program

Trudeau defended choosing WE Charity as the organization in charge of the federal student aid program after receiving backlash due to conflict-of-interest.

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BREAKING: Trudeau hints at plan for second wave as WHO says pandemic is 'not even close to being over'

Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros told media on Monday that the coronavirus "is not even close to being over," expressing concern over the virus' acceleration in certain regions across the globe.

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Trudeau Health Minister refuses to take responsibility for depleted pandemic stockpile

“The federal government isn’t really in the business of providing personal protective equipment for provinces and territories,” said Hajdu.

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Dr. Tam warns Canadians that threat of second wave is 'very real'

Dr. Theresa Tam has warned Canadians that a second wave of coronavirus infections is "very real" as the economy begins to open up.

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WATCH: Montreal Economic Institute scrutinizes efficacy of lockdown

The MEI has created a video that scrutinizes the efficacy of the lockdown, saying there is no relationship between stronger lockdowns and less coronavirus.

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De Blasio bans contact tracing of protesters, then says protests didn't lead to COVID-19 infections

Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed contact tracers within the five boroughs to not ask COVID-19 positive persons whether they had participated in protests. Now the city that never sleeps is reporting that there's no uptick in coronavirus cases as a result of the protests.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Spanish scientists detect coronavirus in waste water from March 2019

The virus was found in Barcelona waste water from January 15, 2020, over a month before the first case of COVID was reported in the European country.

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Joe Biden says he would force Americans to wear masks in public

In a new interview, Former Vice President Joe Biden said he would make wearing masks in public mandatory for all Americans if he is elected president.

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Quebec restaurants charging illegal 'COVID fees' as province reopens

Some restaurants have introduced a "frais COVID," or a "COVID surcharge" on their tabs, causing uproar from patrons across La Belle Province.

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Ontario sees lowest number of new coronavirus cases in over three months

Today, 111 new cases of coronavirus were reported by Ontario health officials, which is the lowest recorded number since March 25.

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