Things you can do in Stage One of Ontario's reopening

Premier Doug Ford announced on Thursday that many businesses will soon be reopening. Ontario is starting Stage One of the three-stage process on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

Quebec schools reopen today despite the province having the highest number of coronavirus cases

Daycares and elementary schools in Quebec reopen today for students to return today, with the exception of schools in Montreal.

Quinn Patrick

Canada's pandemic costs skyrocket with added military aid

Canada's lockdown has become increasingly expensive after it was revealed on Tuesday that military support is costing the taxpayer some $456 million.

Nico Johnson

Lysol warns against internal use of disinfectants after media claims Trump suggested it

The company that makes Lysol warned on Friday that its cleaning products cannot and should not be administered to the human body to treat coronavirus.

Sam Edwards

New Zealand prime minister takes huge pay cut, while Trudeau approves MPs' raise

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern is taking a 20 percent pay cut over the course of six months due to the economic strain of coronavirus.

Nico Johnson