CNN maniacs lose their minds over Nick Sandmann's powerful speech calling them out

The cogs of the CNN defamation machine were outraged by Nick Sandmann's speech at the Republican National Convention that exposed the minions of the mainstream media before the nation Tuesday night.

Mia Cathell

Covington teen who fought back after getting smeared by liberal media will speak at Republican National Convention

Covington teen Nick Sandmann has announced that he will be speaking at the Republican National Convention next week as other speakers are beginning to be revealed.

Collin Jones

Covington kid Nick Sandmann to file lawsuits against five additional media companies

This week, Nick Sandmann’s lawyers will file lawsuits against five more media outlets for smearing the Covington Catholic High School student last year

Sam Edwards

Covington students sue disgraced former CNN host Reza Aslan

Just one day after Nick Sandmann came to a settlement with CNN, Now Robert Barnes is now suing disgraced former CNN host Reza Aslan.

Barrett Wilson

CNN to pay Covington student Nick Sandmann after $275 million lawsuit

Nick Sandmann, the high school student at the centre of a major American race hoax, will be paid by CNN after they smeared him as a racist last year.

Barrett Wilson