CPC Leadership Race

Poilievre’s grilling of Trudeau a reminder of what’s missing from the Conservative race

Tweets about Poilievre’s grilling of Trudeau generated a big response, with clips shared widely, and many people either praising or criticizing Poilievre.

Spencer Fernando

Lewis pulls out of debate due to infection; MacKay pulls out ... in solidarity?

The Independent Press Gallery of Canada have delivered a rather terse statement, explaining that the debate will no longer go ahead as planned.

Nico Johnson

MacKay campaign boasts about using ministerial influence to funnel money to MacKay's riding

An email sent by the MacKay campaign bragged that the Conservative leadership candidate used his ministerial influence to bring investment to Nova Scotia.

Nico Johnson

CBC edited out O'Toole's plan to defund CBC during radio interview

The CBC only chose to edit out the question and answer that related to the CBC's federal funding. No other answers were cut from the interview.

Nico Johnson

MacKay denies secret deal with ex-Liberal in exchange for leadership support

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party Leona Alleslev has quit her position in the shadow cabinet to support MacKay in the leadership contest.

Nico Johnson

Erin O'Toole declared winner of Conservative debate by post-event survey

Erin O'Toole was declared the winner of an online Conservative leadership debate held on Wednesday between Derek Sloan, Leslyn Lewis, and O'Toole.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Peter MacKay deletes tweet praising WE Charity after wife spoke at event

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay has deleted a tweet that praised the WE Charity after his wife spoke at a WE Day event.

Nico Johnson

EXCLUSIVE: Leslyn Lewis will stand for Parliament regardless of whether she wins CPC leadership

CPC leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis confirmed in an interview with The Post Millennial on Tuesday that she would seek a seat in federal Parliament.

Nico Johnson

Prominent Canadian conservative group endorses Dr. Leslyn Lewis for CPC leader

Conservative action group Elect Conservatives announced their endorsement of Dr. Leslyn Lewis for Conservative Party leader.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

MacKay campaign subject of RCMP, OPP probes into allegations of spying on O'Toole meetings

The O'Toole campaign has accused senior MacKay staffers of persuading junior O'Toole supporters to provide crucial login information to their campaign.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: O'Toole asks police to investigate alleged theft by MacKay campaign

The Erin O'Toole campaign has filed a formal complaint and has requested the police service to investigate an alleged theft of data.

Nico Johnson

MacKay compares time as defence minister to O'Toole's military service

The Second and final Conservative leadership debate was held on Thursday, showing a far stronger performance from all four remaining candidates.

Nico Johnson

CPC leadership debate marked by heated clashes between O'Toole and MacKay

The French-language Conservative leadership debate was marked by bitter clashes between Erin O'Toole and Peter MacKay on Wednesday.

Nico Johnson

MacKay repeats censorious Trudeau talking point on media and free speech

MacKay’s most recent misstep was revealing his dangerous ambition to regulate Canada’s media.

Nico Johnson

Peter MacKay baffles Canadians with bizarre milk photo

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay is continuing to confuse people on social media, uploading a photo of himself drinking milk.

Nico Johnson