Culture Wars

Trudeau blames 'extreme right' for dividing Canadians after John A. Macdonald statue toppled

"We need to move forward quickly and on the right ways on countering systemic discrimination, and our government will do just that," said Trudeau.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CNN says that cervical cancer screening is for 'individuals with a cervix,' but prostate cancer screening is for 'men'

In a recent report from CNN on the new guidelines for cervical cancer screening, the word "woman" is not once mentioned. Neither are the words "female," "vagina," or "uterus."

Libby Emmons

This is what cancel culture feels like

What it feels like to get mobbed is total isolation. It is to be stripped of everything that comprised your life—work, friends, social life.

Libby Emmons

The next step in the culture war is the assault on the traditional family

The idea is that having family, growing up with two parents, is privileged, and that this creates inequity. Any inequity must be crushed.

Sumantra Maitra

REVIEW: The End of Gender by Debra Soh

Debra Soh, sexologist and neuroscientist, dedicates her new book, The End of Gender: Debunking the myths about sex and identity in our society to “everyone who blocked me on Twitter.”

Barbara Kay

JK Rowling isn’t transphobic??—you’re just sensitive

JK Rowling is being called transphobic for stating that we should not erase the concept of biological sex for the sake of people’s feelings.

Blaire White

The coronavirus crisis has become a virtue-signalling nightmare

The government forced us to go on lockdown. This has turned out to be the perfect opportunity to strip us from our freedoms and to brag about it.

Jessica Swietoniowski

Comedy is changing, but I can still find Seinfeld funny, right?

I recently read an essay in The Walrus, entitled, The Comedy Culture War wherein the author argued that stand up comedy is changing, I know, so what?

Quinn Patrick

Twitch users demand firing of trans moderator who identifies as a deer

The backlash began when Steph made it clear her intention to abuse her power, essentially claiming that “a lot of gamers are white supremacists.”

Blaire White

US Supreme Court rules that not providing sex reassignment surgery to an inmate is 'cruel and unusual punishment'

The US Supreme Court declined to halt the court-ordered sex reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate in Idaho, who was convicted of molesting a minor.

Collin Jones

Global News claims Donald Trump fled from ‘female reporters’?—it’s not true

Global News has gone off the deep end of fake news in accusing President Donald Trump of turning away from a reporter because she is a woman.

Libby Emmons

Banning books is back and the books they're banning are cooler than ever

An Alaskan school district banned Maya Angelou, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Heller, Ralph Ellison, and Tim O'Brien, making these instantly the coolest classics around.

Quinn Patrick

The last thing Star Wars needs is another social justice director

There is no patience left in tv, movies, comics or video games for men to enjoy stories featuring those things that the male mind enjoys.

Peter Pischke

Universities leverage social media to silence students' critical comments

When students are not allowed to speak their mind about their school the institution quickly devolves into a propagandist racket.

Collin Jones

Segregated graduation ceremony means only minorities and LGBT students graduate on time

St. Olaf College is planning segregated, virtual graduations where students will be treated differently based on their minority status. This is in the US in 2020.

Chad Felix Greene