Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle shows unconditional support for Kanye

Dave Chappelle makes no bones about it: he is a friend, fan and supporter of Kanye West through and through.

James Anthony

Dave Chappelle endorses Andrew Yang

Comedian Dave Chappelle, already officially part of the Yang Gang, has endorsed for Andrew Yang for the Democratic contender for the White House.

Libby Emmons

Dave Chappelle’s new special is hilarious despite what woke media tells you

Dave Chappelle pokes at the weak spots of America’s funny bone, causing the entire nation to squam just a bit. He makes us a tad uncomfortable, and even a bit defensive. But it’s at that point that a comedic master like Chappelle can say, “maybe it’s you that needs to calm down a bit.”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz