Dave Rubin

More charges laid in antifa protest of Maxime Bernier/Dave Rubin event

Charges have been laid in connection with an antifa-related protest at Mohawk College in September. Hamilton police are still looking to identify suspects.

Quinn Patrick

Dave Rubin announces new platform that gives power back to the creators

Prominent YouTuber, Dave Rubin, has introduced a new platform called Locals.com, which intends to give “power” back to the creators.

Nico Johnson

Charges laid in Antifa protest of Maxime Bernier/Dave Rubin event

Three people have been arrested and charged by Hamilton police in relation to protests held at a speaking event with…

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Once again, security fee censorship punishes the victim

By extorting security fees from those who seek only to express their opinions and listen to others, Mohawk College has effectively blamed the victim and encouraged the bullies.

John Carpay

Antifa’s granny-bullying is another hit to the group’s crumbling public facade

By now, several million people have seen the video of Antifa bullying an elderly woman crossing the road with a walker outside of a Maxime Bernier and Dave Rubin event in Hamilton.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

WATCH: Antifa harass senior woman in walker outside of Rubin & Bernier event

In the video, three masked Antifa members are seen screaming “Nazi scum off our streets!” at a senior woman trying to get by at a crosswalk in a walker.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Activists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college

It appears that Dave Rubin’s event with Canadian candidate for Prime Minister Maxime Bernier may have its venue cancelled.

Barrett Wilson

Dave Rubin is the Larry King of the culture wars

” There’s a weird thing going on right now. If you listen to the media and academia and the establishment, everyone that they say is ’good’ actually are the authoritarians. They are the ones who love to silence people.”

Barrett Wilson

Jordan Peterson speaks out on Patreon controversy

Jordan Peterson defends controversial YouTuber and pledges to help look for solutions

Joseph Fang