Debate Commission

Debate commission member has ties to CCP, anti-Trump Soros project

A new report reveals that a member of the Commission on Presidential Debates has ties to two entities that render her involvement questionable.

Celine Ryan

Bob Dole suggests Commission on Presidential Debates is ‘unfair’, biased against Trump

1996 Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole recently alleged that the Commission on Presidential Debates is rigged against Trump

Celine Ryan

FBI and Twitter to investigate alleged hack of Presidential Debate moderator's Twitter account

The FBI and Twitter are in the process of investigating the high-profile alleged hacking of the account of Presidential Debate moderator Steve Scully.

James Anthony

WATCH: Trump calls Kamala Harris a 'monster,' says everything she says is 'a lie'

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday night in an interview on Fox Business that everything vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris said in her debate with standing Vice President Michael Pence is a lie.

James Anthony

Judge finds Trudeau government’s Debates Commission ‘unfair’ for blocking journalists

The judge’s ruling on why it was ‘unfair’ for the Trudeau government-created Debates Comission to block journalists was released Thursday.

Russell Leib