Deep Dive

Social media used to silence the debate on women’s civil rights

For the left to redeem itself, we must advocate for freedom of conscience and for women’s ability to fight for their civil rights.

Julian Vigo

Burning the Wiphala Flag: How Canada and the U.S. fueled chaos in Bolivia

The ease with which the narrative of a fraudulent election was propagated, and the swift rise of right-wing forces in Bolivia, owes much to U.S. and Canadian foreign policy.

Samuel Helguero

Equity and diversity initiatives in universities serve ideological ends: Campus Freedom Index

The 2019 Campus Freedom Index sheds light on the increasing efforts by Canadian universities to promote ideological advocacy under the guise of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programs.

Lindsay Shepherd and Michael Kennedy

Federal report claims Press Progress exaggerated social media bot activity during Alberta election

“RRM Canada identified accounts that demonstrated coordinated inauthentic behaviour. RRM Canada judges the activity is very unlikely to comprise one-third of the online conversation as reported by Press Progress…”

Jason Unrau

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Holowka’s private messages reveal Zoe Quinn’s abuse

Speaking to The Post Millennial anonymously due to fears of backlash, a fellow developer of Holowka’s has provided dozens of messages exchanged in 2014

Anna Slatz and Diana Davison

EXCLUSIVE: Zoe Quinn’s allegations are falling apart

Recently unearthed tweets provided to The Post Millennial reveal inconsistencies in Zoe Quinn’s allegations against Alec Holowka.

Anna Slatz

I spent one day with Antifa in Portland

Donning what I had hoped would allow me to blend seamlessly into the crowd, I prepared for a day of marching amongst Portland’s Antifa activists.

Anna Slatz

EXCLUSIVE: 15-year-old alleged victim of Jessica Yaniv speaks out

Yaniv, a male-to-female transgender, has recently risen to infamy for the human rights tribunal suits she has taken out against 16 estheticians for declining to perform waxing services on her male genitals.

Anna Slatz

There are only losers in the sad saga of Jessica Yaniv

What happens when a giant tech company, a kangaroo court style human rights tribunal system, and the media all favour identity politics over facts?

Ali Taghva

The truth about Jessica Yaniv is beginning to emerge

As tepid details emerged from inside the walls of the courthouse, one thing became clear: Yaniv had a problematic history that could not be ignored in the discussion of her litigation against the women.

Anna Slatz