Defund the Police

After gutting police budget, Minneapolis city council complains about soaring crime

A mere three months after lobbying to "defund the police," several members of the Minneapolis City Council are reporting that residents are asking where the police have gone.

Nicole Russell

'Enter at your own risk:' warning from law enforcement to anyone entering Austin

Austin has defunded its police department, and the Texas Municipal Police Association wants to make sure everyone entering that city knows about it.

Libby Emmons

Calgary Police Chief changes stance, now believes in defunding police

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has shared the sentiment, saying that the budget would see cuts in the coming months.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Jason Whitlock says white liberals supporting the defunding of the police will ensure more black people are killed

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, stating that the defunding of the police is the best way to ensure more black people are killed.

Collin Jones

Canadian activist professors plan two-day strike of universities to promote defunding the police

A group called Scholar Strike is planning to hold a two day strike against university classes across Canada to bring attention to anti-racism doctrine and defunding the police.

Joe Vaughan

After 'defunding' police department Seattle leftists are going after the county cops

"It's a power grab by a few politicians who think they know better than voters," said Stan Seo, a Captain with the King County Sheriff's Office and a spokesperson for the Save our Sheriff campaign.

Ari Hoffman

Biden said 'yes' to redirection of police funds despite poor editing from Scalise team

The ability of the left to blow these things out of proportion and manufacture incredible amounts of outrage cannot be underestimated.

Chad Felix Greene

O'Toole speaks out against beheading of Sir John A. Macdonald statue, Trudeau remains silent

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O'Toole, was quick to speak out against the beheading of the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Montreal's Place du Canada. Trudeau has yet to release a statement.

Joe Vaughan

'Defund the police' protests to hit Canadian cities this Saturday

Unfortunately, some cities across Canada have seen well-intentioned rallies turn violent, with protests being hijacked by blackblock and Antifa rioters.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Don Lemon admits that the 'Mostly Peaceful Protests' and 'Defund the Police' narratives are failing

CNN's Don Lemon advises leftists to stop rioting or it could cost the Democrats the presidential election. The left-wing commentator then hands out red pills to "Defund the Police" activists, arguing that black communities actually desire more police presence.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Republican candidate invites disaffected Portlanders to move to Pennsylvania

A Republican running for Congress invites law-abiding Portland residents to relocate to northeast Pennsylvania.

Mia Cathell

Seattle's leftist mayor vetos police defunding bill

After Seattle city council voted to substantially defund the police, a move which led to the resignation of the chief of police, Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed bill.

Ari Hoffman

Seattle faith leaders want the police chief back

Faith leaders, leaders from communities of color and police reform advocates called on Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to reconsider her decision to retire.

Ari Hoffman

Houston police chief recruits cops from 'defund' cities

While cities across America work to defund their police departments, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is encouraging officers to come to Texas.

Ari Hoffman

Openly gay Chicago mayor denounced by LGBT organization for refusing to defund police

The Human Rights Campaign has been forced to denounce their own praise of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, who is an openly gay woman of color.

Chad Felix Greene