Defund the Police

WATCH: Post Millennial correspondent Ari Hoffman on cuts to Seattle police budget

The Post Millennial's Seattle correspondent Ari Hoffman appeared on FOX & Friends First to discuss recent proposals voted on by the Seattle City Council.

Joe Vaughan

Seattle slashes police budget, eliminates homeless program

Seattle backtracked on their promise of a 50 percent defunding of the Seattle Police Department, but slashed police department programs, and reduced the number of officers on the force.

Ari Hoffman

Portland grapples with surging homicides following police budget cuts

Portland is grappling with a surge in violent crime following the Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked the city following the death of George Floyd. There have been more killings in a single month than in the past three decades.

Ian Miles Cheong

Crime skyrockets in Minneapolis as police publish letter offering advice on how to avoid getting robbed, carjacked

The Minneapolis police department has told residents of the 3rd Precinct how to protect themselves after reports of increasing crime—and it isn't calling the police.

Libby Emmons

Left-wing activists burn bibles in Portland anti-police riot

Left-wing activists took to the streets of Portland Friday night—just as they’ve done every night for the past two months—to protest in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, and burned bibles and American flags.

Ian Miles Cheong

Seattle city council moves to replace police with civilian-led 'violence prevention' group

The Seattle City Council proposed a motion to abolish its police department and to instead "create a civilian led department of community safety & violence prevention."

James Anthony

Nightly violence rages at site of George Floyd's death

The site where George Floyd died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has become a hotbed of crime and violence, and a danger for local residents.

James Anthony

Portland City Commissioner blames police for fires set during riots

Portland's City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty accused the police, not rioters who had set fires around government buildings, of sending in "saboteurs" amid the riots. Backlash from the police caused her to retract her baseless claim hours later with an apology.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Portland mayor’s address to Antifa turns into struggle session

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler showed up at the riots last night that have been rocking his city for over 50 days. He joined rioters and ended the night bathed in tear gas.

Libby Emmons

Seattle city councilmember says fire white police officers first

Lisa Herbold suggested that SPD terminations should be made based on race, with white officers laid off first to spare the jobs of BIPOC officers.

Ari Hoffman

Biden staffer advocates for police defunding, calls cops less than pigs

The movement to defund the police and a sentiment of police hatred can be found at the core of the Biden campaign.

Libby Emmons

28 shootings, one-year-old baby dead in NYC over the weekend as AOC says crime spike is just 'shoplifting'

Gunfire broke out at a family barbecue in Brooklyn over the weekend, leaving a 22-month-old baby boy dead, and three men in the hospital. AOC blames the economy and the NYPD.

Libby Emmons

Ilhan Omar calls for 'dismantling' America

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar held a press conference Wednesday in St. Paul demanding that the federal government take action against "institutional racism."

Collin Jones

Edmonton city council cuts police budget by $11 MILLION, plans to reinvest in social agencies

Edmonton's city council passed a plan to reform policing that will involve the police working with social agencies to aid Edmonton's most vulnerable.

Quinn Patrick

Toronto city councillors who voted against defunding police face vandalism, online backlash

Councillor Ana Bailão found “I Am Oppressing My Neighbour” taped to the front of her constituency office. The “OPP” was painted in red to reference the Ontario Provincial Police.

Mia Cathell