Defund the Police

Seattle pays artists to paint anti-cop street mural

Chai Marsalis Adera who goes by the alias Future Crystals, inserted anti-police messages into the mural.

Ari Hoffman

NY AG says cops shouldn't arrest people for certain warrants during traffic stops

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is recommending that the New York Police Department no longer make arrests for certain warrants during traffic stops.

Ian Miles Cheong

CBC News quietly edits article about car break-in that anti-police activist said was 'white supremacy'

CBC News has edited out language from a story about an anti-police activist's car getting broken into that she spun into an act of 'white supremacy.' The activist did not report the crime to police.

Mia Cathell

Milwaukee mayor announces dramatic INCREASE in murder—then ELIMINATES 120 police positions

Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, went on video yesterday talking about the alarming rise in violent crime within Milwaukee. In the very next sentence, he then talked about his proposal to drastically reduce police presence.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Seattle city council overrides mayor's veto—defunds police despite public objection

The Seattle city council voted on Tuesday to override the mayor's veto of a bill to defund the Seattle Police Department, voting, again, to defund SPD.

Ari Hoffman

'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano calls police on teen shooting at squirrels

Alyssa Milano is all for defunding the police, except when she needs them. She called 911 after she suspected that there was an armed gunman near her house.

Libby Emmons

Seattle to be first city in the nation to offer 'safe injection sites'

The council now appears to be trying to take up the legislation while the public's attention is focused on other matters such as defunding the Seattle Police Department.

Ari Hoffman

Florida governor vows to defund cities that try to defund the police

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against rioters, and local authorities who are soft on them with some very tough new measures, designed to penalize anybody or any entity that participates in or enables any violent demonstration.

James Anthony

Minneapolis police to worried business owners: 'Reinforcements aren't coming any time soon'

"I think the only plan city leadership has is to further decimate its police department," said the Police Union President, Lt. Bob Kroll.

Angelo Isidorou

After gutting police budget, Minneapolis city council complains about soaring crime

A mere three months after lobbying to "defund the police," several members of the Minneapolis City Council are reporting that residents are asking where the police have gone.

Nicole Russell

'Enter at your own risk:' warning from law enforcement to anyone entering Austin

Austin has defunded its police department, and the Texas Municipal Police Association wants to make sure everyone entering that city knows about it.

Libby Emmons

Calgary Police Chief changes stance, now believes in defunding police

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has shared the sentiment, saying that the budget would see cuts in the coming months.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Jason Whitlock says white liberals supporting the defunding of the police will ensure more black people are killed

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, stating that the defunding of the police is the best way to ensure more black people are killed.

Collin Jones

Canadian activist professors plan two-day strike of universities to promote defunding the police

A group called Scholar Strike is planning to hold a two day strike against university classes across Canada to bring attention to anti-racism doctrine and defunding the police.

Joe Vaughan

After 'defunding' police department Seattle leftists are going after the county cops

"It's a power grab by a few politicians who think they know better than voters," said Stan Seo, a Captain with the King County Sheriff's Office and a spokesperson for the Save our Sheriff campaign.

Ari Hoffman