WATCH: Kim Klacik drops a sequel, says 'Baltimore doesn't have to vote Democrat'

Republican congressional nominee for Maryland's 7th district Kimberly Klacik exposed a "broken Baltimore" that's been abandoned by Democratic leadership and unveiled her vision in a follow-up video.

Mia Cathell

BLM riot damages 'worst in history' totalling over $2 BILLION

The Insurance Information Institute has compiled some pretty shocking data. According to them, property damage claims due to the riots this summer have now probably surpassed $2 billion, making them the costliest riots in US history.

James Anthony

REVEALED: The Atlantic is owned by a Biden megadonor

On the heels of a disputed and widely mocked bombshell, The Atlantic is revealed to be majority owned by one of Biden's biggest benefactors.

Mia Cathell

Who's funding the American race riots? Democrats and celebrities

High-ranking elected Democrats and Hollywood celebrities have been bankrolling domestic terrorist rioters across the United States.

Joe Vaughan

Soros-funded Virginia county prosecutor shrinking caseload for certain domestic violence crimes

Mr. Descano has now chosen to keep his prosecutors from the courtrooms in nearly all misdemeanor cases and essentially let victims and officers fend for themselves," a source told The Post Millennial.

Mia Cathell

Six Minnesota mayors endorse Trump: 'We don't recognize the Democratic Party'

At least six Democratic mayors are reported to have broken with the party and endorsed President Donald Trump.

Collin Jones

Women have had the vote for 100 years and the left can't dictate how they'll use it

As we, today, face the redefining of gender and human life itself, the modern-day mother is the backbone of society, the bosom that cradles, and the womb that weeps.

Mia Cathell

FACT CHECK: Democrats did indeed omit 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

As the Democratic National Convention played out across locked-down America over the past week, conservative observers were keen to note that Democrats had omitted “under God” from when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ian Miles Cheong

Rose McGowan calls Joe Biden a 'rapist' and the Democratic Party 'evil'

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan took to Twitter late Friday night to accuse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of being a rapist and the Democratic Party of housing sexual abuse.

Mia Cathell

Rose McGowan calls Joe Biden and Democrats 'monsters' and 'frauds' after the DNC

Rose McGowan posted to Twitter on Thursday night criticizing the Democrats for not creating enough change and forcing voters to turn to President Trump.

Sam Edwards

Biden accuser claims Dems are complicit in gaslighting sexual abuse survivors

Tara Reade, who came forward with allegations against Joe Biden, has come forward accusing the Democratic Party of handling claims very poorly.

James Anthony

Democrats are so far left as to be unrecognizable as the party they once were

It is vital that the Democratic Caucus regain a handle on their members. The United States cannot sustain a farther lurch and radicalization of certain elements of the left.

Alexander Jackson Maier

Democrats fear a Kanye presidential run because they believe black voters are easily manipulated

As should be completely unnecessary to say, black Americans are not an intellectual collective a political party can simply manipulate at will.

Chad Felix Greene

Hillary Clinton lashes out at New York Times for erasing her

Hillary Clinton slammed the New York Times for its publication of an article that effectively erases her run for the oval office in 2016.

Ian Miles Cheong

Fire that destroyed Democrat HQ was believed to be 'conservative' plot—it was a disgruntled Democrat

A fire that burned through the county Democrat headquarters in Phoenix was widely believed to have been set by a disgruntled conservative, but it was a banned Dem volunteer.

Libby Emmons