Seattle school superintendent encourages student participation in mass protests

Schools superintendent Juneau appeared to praise the mass protests and violent riots, and wrote to students, "It has been a powerful experience watching you take to the streets to make your voices heard."

Ari Hoffman

Lululemon wants customers to pay $138 for leggings and 'resist capitalism'

Lululemon has jumped aboard the woke bandwagon with their new campaign to "decolonize gender" and "resist capitalism." Lululemon also sells yoga pants for over $100 a pair.

Libby Emmons

New York Times no longer includes women in diversity metrics

To measure diversity, the Times only counted those who identify as coming from a minority group—but a couple years ago, women would have been included, too.

Libby Emmons

University campus hosts whites-only cafe in the name of equality

Segregation is alive and well at the University of Michigan Dearborn, where leftists have created a cafe only for white people.

Libby Emmons

The Oscars go woke, introduce racial quotas for awards

As everyone goes completely insane over diversity, equity and inclusion, the Academy would have felt left out if they didn't install their own racial morality clauses.

Libby Emmons

CBC host cancels herself after complaining about lack of diversity

Christine Genier, host of Yukon Morning, a radio show that airs in Whitehorse, resigned after making comments regarding a lack of Indigenous and Black voices.

Quinn Patrick

Segregated graduation ceremony means only minorities and LGBT students graduate on time

St. Olaf College is planning segregated, virtual graduations where students will be treated differently based on their minority status. This is in the US in 2020.

Chad Felix Greene

The diversity training industry needs to perpetuate racism to stay relevant

For D.E.I. to be maintained, racism has to be perpetuated or a bunch of people will be out of work.

Libby Emmons