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2 months ago

Media, Democrats drool over Biden's dogs

Many on the right have pointed out that the fawning over Biden's pets is a far cry from the treatment Trump received after he was elected.

Celine Ryan
6 months ago

Hero Ontario police dog recovering after near-fatal fentanyl exposure

Maximus, a dog trained by the Ontario Provincial Police to perform search missions, was almost killed by breathing in a large quantity of fentanyl in the course of his duties while executing a search warrant.

James Anthony
7 months ago

Shipment of dead dogs lands at Pearson Airport, investigation underway

A shipment of puppies that was being flown in from Ukraine to Toronto over the weekend arrived with a significant amount of them dead.

Quinn Patrick
8 months ago

Dogs rescued from meat farm in South Korea to be adopted by Canadian shelters

The Humane Society rescued over 70 dogs from a South Korean meat farm and will be sending them to Canadian and US shelters for adoption.

Sam Edwards
10 months ago

WATCH: Israeli man walks dog with a drone to practice social distancing

The dog's owner is an Israeli man who needed to give his pup some air, but didn't want to risk infection. That's where the trusty drone comes in.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
a year ago

WATCH: Dog plays Jenga better than most people

Jenga, a game which takes a decent amount of concentration, is difficult enough with our hands. But this dog really shows us up, by taking bricks by his teeth.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
a year ago

DOG THIEF: Police search for Toronto woman who stole dog on subway

Police are looking for a Toronto subway dog thief.

Sam Edwards
a year ago

Trump releases picture of dog involved in ‘capturing and killing’ ISIS leader

General Mark Milley told reporters that the dog “performed a tremendous service” in finding al-Baghdadi in a tunnel under his compound.

Siddak Ahuja
a year ago

Trump confirms U.S. has killed ISIS leader—’He died like a dog’

United States President Donald Trump has just confirmed during a White House press statement that Bakr al-Baghdadi died from a suicide vest detonation, taking the lives of three children with him.

Dylan Gibbons
a year ago

Labradoodle creator calls the breed his “Frankenstein’s monster”

Dogs are considered by many to be an ideal pet, yet the man behind the popular Labradoodle breed, Wally Conron believes he created a monster.

Russell Leib

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