Domestic Violence

Soros-funded Virginia county prosecutor shrinking caseload for certain domestic violence crimes

Mr. Descano has now chosen to keep his prosecutors from the courtrooms in nearly all misdemeanor cases and essentially let victims and officers fend for themselves," a source told The Post Millennial.

Mia Cathell

Emma Watson joins Daniel Radcliffe in denouncing JK Rowling

Notably, Watson—who self-identifies as a feminist—said nothing about Rowling's trauma. Not one word of sympathy or support.

Erin Perse

Victim posts brutal evidence of assault on Facebook as alleged attacker's court date delayed due to coronavirus

A victim of domestic abuse made a post to social media last month sharing her experience and also giving advice to those in similar situations.

Sam Edwards

RCMP: Nova Scotia gunman's weapons likely from United States

Campbell confirmed that one weapon has been traced to Canada, but that the other weapons on the scene were likely obtained in the United States.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

RCMP releases timeline of the shooter's path through Nova Scotia

A timeline is being provided by RCMP showing the route taken by the NS shooter showing over 12 hours of travel beginning Saturday and ending Sunday morning.

Sam Edwards

Polyamorous man lauded by progressive media charged with violent abuse of five-week-old baby

A five week old baby was hospitalized in Florida recently after she was violently abused by one of her four fathers in a polyamorous relationship.

Libby Emmons

UN sees increase in global domestic violence due to effects of coronavirus

While they might not be emergency room patients, women and children in abusive homes are falling victim to a side effect of the infectious spread of COVID-19.

Leonardo Briceno

Domestic violence increases with accelerating coronavirus curve

Canada should take note from domestic violence increases in countries that are ahead of the coronavirus curve, and act now to ensure women and children are protected.

Erin Perse