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Jacob Blake's mother condemns riots that have ravaged Kenosha

Julia Jackson expressed her disgust with the riots that have ravaged Kenosha, Wisc., following an incident that resulted in police officers shooting her 29-year-old son.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Don Lemon admits that the 'Mostly Peaceful Protests' and 'Defund the Police' narratives are failing

CNN's Don Lemon advises leftists to stop rioting or it could cost the Democrats the presidential election. The left-wing commentator then hands out red pills to "Defund the Police" activists, arguing that black communities actually desire more police presence.

Mia Cathell

Don Lemon says we should add Obama to Mount Rushmore

CNN’s Don Lemon suggested adding former President Barack Obama “front and center” to Mount Rushmore on last night’s show.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon talks over Terry Crews and lies about Black Lives Matter

Terry Crews appeared on Don Lemon’s show last night to explain why he is not entirely in favour of Black Lives Matter, but Lemon refused to listen.

Mia Cathell

Don Lemon's Trump rant proves he is a big, fat, entitled baby. Waaah!

Lemon has proven himself to be one of the most entitled brats on television, including a recent aside on last night’s broadcast of CNN Tonight.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz