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WATCH: Biden falsely claims raising the minimum wage will help small businesses

Small businesses are already walking a tightrope, and if their bottom lines go up in cost, so too could the prices they levy to their customers.

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WATCH: Nashville streets flooded with Trump supporters after debate win

The crowd gathered on Broadway and 3rd Ave, waving Trump flags and cheering for the president, a man about whom nearly no Americans have a neutral view.

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Why Trump could see a bounce out of the last debate

Trump emerged slightly as the frontrunner of the last presidential debate before the election Nov. 3.

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Biden tells black children to not wear hoodies in the streets: 'There is institutional racism in America'

Joe Biden told anecdotes about racism in America while President Donald Trump spoke of his actual policies.

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Trump's run for president inspired by Biden's failures

"I ran because of you. I'm running because of you. Because you did a poor job," Trump said during Thursday's presidential debate.

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Trump accuses Biden of 'Big Man' corruption in son's overseas business dealings

Trump directly asked Democratic Biden about his role as the "Big Man" named in the Hunter Biden emails scandal during the final presidential debate before the general election.

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Biden says 8 years wasn't enough time to 'get it right'

Biden had eight years, working with an incredibly popular president, Barack Obama, to sort out the problems with immigration at the border, and what they ended up with were kids in cages.

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden's ex-business associate will be Trump's special guest at tonight's debate

Bobulinski came forward to confirm that the coded term 'big guy' from Hunter Biden's emails with Chinese officials was the term used for Joe Biden.

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BREAKING: Trump releases behind the scenes 60 Minutes video, claims CBS is full of 'bias' and 'hatred'

"Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS," said the president on social media.

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Trump tweets video of '60 Minutes' host at the White House with no mask

President Trump tweeted a short and cryptic video of Lesley Stahl on Tuesday, wherein the "60 Minutes" journalist was at the White House and wearing no mask.

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FLASHBACK: Final debate moderator busted on hot mic coaching Clinton campaign director

NBC's White House correspondent Kristen Welker, set to moderate the second and final presidential debate on Thursday, was once caught on a hot mic coaching Hillary Clinton’s communications director prior to a live interview.

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WATCH: Ben Shapiro explains why he will vote for Trump in 2020 after not voting in 2016

Shapiro highlighted Trump's conservative record, including cuts to regulation, reduction in man-hours dedicated to dealing with regulation ...

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73-year-old Trump supporter assaulted in Massachusetts

Douglas police report they have arrested 34-year-old Kiara Dudley.

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Former labour secretary calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission to punish Trump supporters

Clinton's former Secretary of Labour Robert Reich has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission once Joe Biden wins the presidential election, and for a blacklist of Trump supporters.

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President Trump signs legislation to shorten suicide hotline to 9-8-8

The hotline is currently ten digits to three easy-to-remember numbers: 9-8-8.

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