Donald Trump

BREAKING: Trump says his generals think Beirut explosion was an attack

US President Donald Trump told press today that the explosions that rocked Beirut, Lebanon, were not an accident. He has been informed that it may have been "a bomb of some kind."

Libby Emmons

Microsoft deal to buy TikTok under scrutiny due to close ties with Beijing

A deal which would allow TikTok to avoid a ban by the US may be in jeopardy due to concerns over Microsoft’s being too close to the Chinese government.

James Anthony

NYC mayor ignored approval process for BLM murals while holding others' political speech hostage to permits

"We haven't said 'no' to people, we've said, 'If you want to apply you can apply but there's a process,'" de Blasio said at a press conference on Monday.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The New York Times wants to cancel the presidential debates

The New York Times is beginning its advocacy to not have presidential debates—a staple in every presidential campaign since the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter debates in 1976.

Collin Jones

BREAKING: Trump tells journalists on Air Force One he's banning TikTok

Speaking to journalists on Air Force One this evening, US President Donald Trump is reported to have announced that his administration will be banning popular social media app TikTok.

Libby Emmons

How the media uses trans people to fearmonger

There are, however, far more examples of completely fake "anti-trans" policies that have supposedly taken place in the last four years.

Blaire White

Left-wing maniacs celebrate the death of Herman Cain to score points against Trump

After former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain dies of fatal coronavirus infection, leftists jumped at the opportunity to politicize his death.

Mia Cathell

Former GOP candidate for president Herman Cain dies after contracting coronavirus

Herman Cain, a high-ranking Republican official close to President Trump, aged 74, died after having lost a battle to the coronavirus.

James Anthony

Conservatives rally behind teacher fired for supporting Trump, launch fundraiser

Conservative activist Kyle Kashuv has launched a fundraiser for Justin Kucera, a Michigan high school teacher who was fired for pointing out that Donald Trump is the president.

Libby Emmons

One dead, 12 shot in New York City on Monday

New York City's crime wave keeps escalating under Mayor Bill de Blasio. On Monday, one person was killed out of 12 who were shot in the city.

Collin Jones

BREAKING: Twitter suspends Donald Trump Jr. for sharing video featuring doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine

On Monday evening Donald Trump Jr. had his Twitter account temporarily limited for posting a video that showed a group of doctors sharing information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Collin Jones

Black Trump supporter stabbed by Antifa militant in Portland riot speaks out

Trump supporter and conservative videographer Drew Duncomb, who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, was allegedly stabbed amid the Portland protests by Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe.

Mia Cathell

Biden calls Trump racist while making racist comments towards Asians

Former Vice President Joe Biden can't tell the difference between Asians and said Americans can't either.

Mia Cathell

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen back on house arrest, claims imprisonment was payback

A federal judge recently overturned a previous decision to incarcerate former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, citing concerns over the original order to put him in prison was “retaliatory.”

James Anthony

Chicago mayor comes around to Trump's deployment of federal agents

Lightfoot has been forced to walk back her negative statements about the federal government's effort to ensure the safety of citizens in Chicago and across the country.

Collin Jones