Progressive news outlet runs rioter's false doxxing accusation against Andy Ngo without verifying with police

Portland paper Willamette Week published a article Wednesday on Andy Ngo, conflating his coverage of violent rioters with inciting violence upon them. Now a woman's central claim in the article is falling apart.

Mia Cathell

Conservative trans commentator Blaire White receives multiple death threats from trans 'activists'

Conservative YouTuber and outspoken trans woman Blair White was sent numerous death threats from so-called "trans activists."

Mia Cathell

CNN contributor doxxes journalism intern

CNN contributor and senior lecturer at Yale University Asha Rangappa doxxed Washington Free Beacon intern Alex Nester because she didn't like the young woman's take on Rangappa's unkind comments on Nikki Haley.

Mia Cathell

Activist Shaun King calls for the doxxing of the officer who shot Jacob Blake

In his dismay over not knowing the names of those officers involved in the shooting injury of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisc., on Sunday, activist Shaun King has announced his intentions to indiscriminately dox officers in the Kenosha police force.

Collin Jones

Notorious Antifa activist tries to dox Trump boat parade participants on Twitter

A militant Antifa doxxer is soliciting the public for identifying information of those who participated in the peaceful "Trump Boat Parades" that took place across several US states over the weekend.

Mia Cathell

Kansas City, MO to criminalize the doxxing of police officers and public employees

Information that would fall under the new ordinance includes social security numbers, date of births, home addresses, emails, credit card numbers, health insurance information, or employment locations.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Was The New York Times about to dox Tucker Carlson? Of course they were

Tucker Carlson revealed last night that The New York Times was about to dox him and his family—again. The politics of personal destruction is the new M.O. of NYT.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson