Alleged cocaine traffickers kidnap NY grandparents, hold them for $3.5 million ransom in Canada

The Quebec provincial police found the couple in a home in Magog, QC, after tracking down the cellphone used by the suspects.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

Five arrested, may face life in prison after Ontario fentanyl ring bust

If convicted, the individuals could potentially face a life sentence for fentanyl trafficking, which carries a minimum sentence of one year in prison.

Noah David Alter

Toronto police seize large cache of drugs and weapons

Toronto Metropolitan Police have made a major seizure from a North York search warrant operation, finding cash, drugs, and a fully automatic gun.

James Anthony

Durham police respond to 11 overdoses since Thursday, fentanyl likely involved

Durham Regional Police say they have responded to 11 overdoses since Thursday involving cocaine, heroin, or fentanyl.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Drug addicts do not benefit from 'harm reduction,' but from rehabilitation and treatment

Harm reduction is the darling of progressive stakeholders in addiction management. Its most robust defenders tend to be ideologues, whose ultimate goal is the legalization of all drugs.

Barbara Kay

Homicide investigation in progress after police find three dead, potentially 'laced drugs' in Mississauga condo

Police are investigating after three people were found dead in a condominium building in Mississauga on Wednesday.

Sam Edwards

New Trudeau government guidelines call for limited pursuit of simple drug possession charges

Revised Federal guidelines say that prosecutors should hold back from pursuing simple charges of drug possession and reserve action for the "most serious manifestations of the offence."

Sam Edwards

China sentences Canadian to death for drug related charges

A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to death after being charged with manufacturing ketamine as tensions run high between the countries.

Sam Edwards

Victoria Police issue public warning after used needle found wrapped around a railing

Police say the needle was found at around 5 pm on Sunday, with the exposed needle being tied to the handrail of a heavily used stairway.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police calls for decriminalization of personal illicit drug possession

CACP made endorsed the decriminalization of personal possession of illicit drugs and recommends that agencies view addiction and substance abuse as a public health issue.

Sam Edwards

Police discovery of 'torture chambers' in sea containers leads to 100s of arrests in underground network

Six men have been arrested by Dutch police following the discovery of several sea containers that had been converted into improvised "torture chambers."

Quinn Patrick

Police seize over two dozen firearms, fentanyl in Mississauga traffic stop

A man is facing firearm and drug-related charges after he was stopped by authorities last month in Mississauga.

Sam Edwards

Conservative Ontario MP's family tied up in drug bust

A Conservative MP has had a family member arrested by the St. Thomas police in a drug bust.

Nico Johnson

Largest fentanyl seizure in Ontario history made by OPP and Toronto police

Over 70 kilograms of powder and 120,000 fentanyl pills were obtained in the biggest fentanyl seizure in the history of Ontario law enforcement.

Sam Edwards

BC sees highest number of opioid deaths in May

May saw the highest monthly total of drug overdose deaths ever recorded, with 170 suspected toxic drug deaths in BC that month.

Sam Edwards