Due Process

The Trudeau government’s Bill C-51 has led to chaos in the legal system

As 2019 winds down, a year after the Trudeau government introduced significant changes to our legal system, the courts have wound up in a state of chaos.

Diana Davison

EXCLUSIVE: Autistic college student clears name after frivolous allegations

Marcus Knight—a student with autism, cerebral palsy, and learning disabilities—has prevailed in his lawsuit against Saddleback College

Toni Airaksinen

ACLU hits new low by giving Christine Blasey Ford ‘courage’ award

The new ACLU seems hell-bent on undoing its legacy of protecting the constitutional rights of Americans.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Trudeau hasn’t “modernized” our justice system, he’s broken it

I look at the Trudeau government like an activist group, where they don’t want to ‘re-victimize victims,’ and the reality is—that presupposes guilt.”

Diana Davison

New York Times botches new hit job on Brett Kavanaugh

Reporting on allegations does not substantiate those allegations. The New York Times should already know this. Shame on them.

Libby Emmons