Winnipeg Police Service searching for man wanted for luring children and sexual touching

Winnipeg Police Service are asking for the public's help in locating a 24-year-old Edmonton man who is wanted for sexual assault and child luring in Winnipeg.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Memorial for fallen police officer defaced in Edmonton

A memorial statue for an Edmonton police officer killed in the line of duty in 1990 was recently defaced by vandals.

James Anthony

Edmonton placed under health watch as COVID case count doubles that of Toronto

Edmonton is now facing the highest active coronavirus case count that the city has seen since the pandemic began, with twice as many cases as Toronto.

Sam Edwards

Boy, 13, charged with manslaughter after shooting 10-year-old south of Edmonton

A 13-year-old boy shot and killed a 10-year-old south of Edmonton and is facing a charge of manslaughter.

Sam Edwards

The Edmonton Eskimos are keeping their 'racist' name

The Edmonton Eskimos have decided to keep their team name after "an extensive year-long formal research and engagement program with Inuit leaders and community members across Canada."

Collin Jones

Sex offender's lawyers file complaint against Edmonton police for issuing public warning

A Police Act complaint has been filed against the EPS by Lawyers representing a man who allegedly kidnaped an eight-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her.

Sam Edwards

UCP Minister barred from speaking at Black Lives Matter event

Kaycee Madu, Alberta’s Minister of Affairs was barred from speaking in Edmonton at an anti-racism protest held by Black Lives Matter.

Sam Edwards

Police budgets being reviewed in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Victoria

Politicians in several of Canada’s major cities are agreeing to listen to protestors and activists calls for a response to police brutality and racism.

Sam Edwards

Alberta man who killed 7-year-old girl was assessed by police, mental health professionals hours before murder

Edmonton Police Service confirmed the mother's account on Friday that police "were made aware" that Moss was "experiencing mental concerns."

Collin Jones

WATCH: Alberta man arrested for public masturbation, attacking Canada Post truck

A 42-year-old Edmonton man was arrested after masturbating in public and attacking a Canada Post truck, smashing its driver's side window.

Barrett Wilson

Christmas cancelled in Edmonton as the Festival of Trees is scrapped due to coronavirus

A fundraiser and local holiday tradition is being called off by University Hospital Foundation organizers, eight months before the event is set to take place.

Sam Edwards

Alberta groups band together to provide food for those in need

The layoffs and quarantine have left many Albertans in need of help, prompting groups in Edmonton and Calgary to provide free groceries.

Quinn Patrick

Edmonton to temporarily lay off 900 more employees due to coronavirus

An additional 900 employees are being laid off in Edmonton due to coronavirus measures. This includes 450 transit operators.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Frustrated locals tear down anti-pipeline blockade and load it into truck

An extraordinary scene unfolded in Edmonton this afternoon as Edmonton citizens drove to the site of an anti-pipeline train blockade and tore it down.

Barrett Wilson

Eco-radicals BLOCK Edmonton train track overnight, halt train

A blockade has been set up at an Edmonton railway from a new group, the self-proclaimed “Cuzzins of Wetsuweten.” Extinction Rebellion has promoted them.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz