Alberta man who killed 7-year-old girl was assessed by police, mental health professionals hours before murder

Edmonton Police Service confirmed the mother's account on Friday that police "were made aware" that Moss was "experiencing mental concerns."

Collin Jones Collin Jones

WATCH: Alberta man arrested for public masturbation, attacking Canada Post truck

A 42-year-old Edmonton man was arrested after masturbating in public and attacking a Canada Post truck, smashing its driver's side window.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Christmas cancelled in Edmonton as the Festival of Trees is scrapped due to coronavirus

A fundraiser and local holiday tradition is being called off by University Hospital Foundation organizers, eight months before the event is set to take place.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Alberta groups band together to provide food for those in need

The layoffs and quarantine have left many Albertans in need of help, prompting groups in Edmonton and Calgary to provide free groceries.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Edmonton to temporarily lay off 900 more employees due to coronavirus

An additional 900 employees are being laid off in Edmonton due to coronavirus measures. This includes 450 transit operators.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

WATCH: Frustrated locals tear down anti-pipeline blockade and load it into truck

An extraordinary scene unfolded in Edmonton this afternoon as Edmonton citizens drove to the site of an anti-pipeline train blockade and tore it down.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Eco-radicals BLOCK Edmonton train track overnight, halt train

A blockade has been set up at an Edmonton railway from a new group, the self-proclaimed “Cuzzins of Wetsuweten.” Extinction Rebellion has promoted them.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Edmonton library trustee after calling CEO’s post ‘transphobic’

A former board member of the Edmonton Public Library claims that the library CEO asked her to resign after she requested an apology for “transphobic” post.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Omar Khadr is giving a keynote address at Dalhousie University

Omar Khadr, the infamous and well-paid convicted terrorist and real-life supervillain will be featured as a keynote speaker at Dalhousie University.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Edmonton liquor stores may soon require ID scanning prior to entry

A liquor store in Edmonton is testing out a new security program to combat a string of thefts in recent news. Under the new system, customers will have to scan their ID before they can enter the premises.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Temperatures drop, what should a city do for the homeless?

Canadian cities like Edmonton should leave open public transit stations for the homeless population to sleep in during frigid winter months.

Jon Dziadyk Jon Dziadyk

U of A professors, at least 30 Albertans among those dead in Iran plane crash

Over two dozen Edmontonians are believed to be among the 63 Canadians who died after the crash of a Ukrainian passenger flight that crashed in Iran.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Impaired Edmonton school bus driver arrested with children aboard

Charges are now pending against the 46-year-old female driver.

Ali Taghva Ali Taghva

Canadian becomes oldest at 84 to finish Antarctic marathon

At 84, Mr Svennignsen has become the oldest to complete the Antarctic marathon.

Ali Taghva Ali Taghva

Edmonton’s proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’ violates privacy and choice of adults

Edmonton’s City Council’s proposed Bylaw 19061 would be an invasion into people’s privacy.

John Carpay John Carpay