Election 2020

Joe Biden can't 'heal racial wounds'—he helped create them

Joe Biden has tried to pitch himself as the answer to America’s race problem. But it’s hard to see how voters can trust Biden to fix racial inequities he helped create.

Brad Polumbo Brad Polumbo

BREAKING: President Trump accuses Twitter of interfering in 2020 election

Twitter has been a platform for President Donald Trump long before he was president, but now he is accusing the social media giant of interfering in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Joe Biden played identity politics and lost big time

When individuals are grouped together into voting blocs and justice is applied collectively, a moral majority will see themselves as parental authoritarians caring for the minority.

Chad Felix Greene Chad Felix Greene

Biden's accuser loses legal representation as her credibility is questioned

The lawyer who was representing Tara Reade in her sexual assault claim against Democratic nominee Joe Biden has announced that he will no longer represent her

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Joe Biden underestimates Black voters' ability to think for themselves

What Biden said was not only condescending but just as racist as he'd likely claim any random Trump quote on race is.

Kristen Monique Kristen Monique

Don’t vote for Joe Biden if you believe all women like Joe Biden does

The same politicians who sing Biden's praises and claim his innocence did not afford the same due process to the sons and daughters of ordinary Americans.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

WATCH: Biden says those who believe Tara Reade 'probably shouldn't vote for me'

Biden said Reade’s story has suffered from problems of inconsistency, and that there was no truth to it. When asked if he remembered her, he said “I don’t.”

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

BREAKING: List of names involved in unmasking of Michael Flynn released, includes Obama's chief of staff, Comey, Biden

The Acting Director of National Intelligence has released the names of 39 people in the Obama administration who are believed to have “requested Flynn unmasking.”

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Why 'Obamagate' could flip politics on its head

While there is no definitive smoking gun, the mounting evidence of a corrupt and spy-happy Obama administration could flip politics on its head.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Joe Biden vows to strip college students of the due process he currently enjoys

In a baffling move, the embattled Democratic presidential candidate has pledged to undo Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s restoration of due process on American college campuses.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Believe Tara Reade but vote for Joe Biden anyway, says The New York Times

“Suck it up and make the utilitarian bargain,” writes Linda Hirshman in the op ed page of today’s The New York Times. She’s talking, of course, about Joe Biden.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Warren's belief in Biden is driven by ambition, not ethics

Me Too, Believe All Women, and Time’s Up were popular, catchy ideas that under the rubric of compassion were intended to redistribute power from those who had it to those who wanted it.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Don Lemon's Trump rant proves he is a big, fat, entitled baby. Waaah!

Lemon has proven himself to be one of the most entitled brats on television, including a recent aside on last night’s broadcast of CNN Tonight.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Why is Joe Biden scared to release his Senate papers? If it's not Reade, could it be China?

Does Biden have something else to fear in the release of his papers? The answer probably has nothing to do with Tara Reade. But the answer could have everything to do with China.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

BREAKING: Biden says there's no reason to believe Tara Reade

Joe Biden went on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning to address the allegations made by his former aide Tara Reade.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons