Election 2020

WATCH: Dr. Fauci says there is 'no reason why' voting should not be done in person

"I think, that if carefully done according to the guidelines, there's no reason why [voting in person] would not be the case," said Fauci.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trump says Biden and Harris are afraid to denounce Antifa

President Trump was asked at a press conference yesterday if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should publicly denounce Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. Trump replied that they should.

Libby Emmons

Activist Shaun King exposes himself as a fraud yet again, will support Biden-Harris ticket

Shaun King said absolutely in 2018 that he would not be supporting Harris' or Biden's presidential campaigns. Now he's entirely and unequivocally on board.

Libby Emmons

Trump may give acceptance speech from Gettysburg—CNN says that's racist

Trump announced that he may give his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination from the Gettysburg memorial. CNN said that this is some kind of nod to the Confederacy.

Libby Emmons

Democrats fear a Kanye presidential run because they believe black voters are easily manipulated

As should be completely unnecessary to say, black Americans are not an intellectual collective a political party can simply manipulate at will.

Chad Felix Greene

Christians hold church in casinos as restrictions on worship are tighter than those on gambling

In Las Vegas, where casinos have been allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity while houses of worship are subject to a limit of 50 parishioners, worship was held at a casino.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Joe Biden issues non-apology for racist comments

Earlier today, presidential nominee Joe Biden made some racist comments. Now, he said, he didn't mean what he said. In fact, he's apologized for it. Kind of.

Libby Emmons

Far-left congressional candidate Joshua Collins gets fewer votes than 'Congress Sucks' candidate

A socialist congressional candidate running on the Essential Workers Party platform in Washington State lost to a candidate who ran on the Congress Sucks Party platform.

Libby Emmons

Dave Chappelle shows unconditional support for Kanye

Dave Chappelle makes no bones about it: he is a friend, fan and supporter of Kanye West through and through.

James Anthony

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi says Trump will be 'fumigated out' of White House if he doesn't leave

House speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Trump would be "fumigated out" of the White House if he would not leave.

Sam Edwards

Trump exposes Biden's intent to destroy suburban America

Trump took to Twitter to respond to Biden's political plans to desegregate the suburbs, but it is a myth that American suburbia is segregated—it isn't.

Collin Jones

Dead cat receives voter registration form

While Democrats push for mail-in ballots to become the norm for voting in Federal elections, a family in Atlanta received a voter registration form for their dead cat.

Libby Emmons

Biden reveals intention for a $700 billion spending plan

Biden's “Build Back Better" proposition would use the federal government’s regulatory and spending power to bolster US manufacturing and create 5 million new American jobs.

Mia Cathell

Twitter censors Trump at the behest of The New York Times

Twitter has once again taken down a tweet by President Donald Trump, but this time it was at the request of The New York Times, who reported the post for copyright violation.

Collin Jones

Facebook removes 'violent' groups amid boycott from corporate interests—Antifa groups remain

Facebook has banned of hundreds of accounts across its platform including accounts of groups considered violent; however, domestic terrorist Antifa accounts remain.

Libby Emmons