Elizabeth Warren

Warren's belief in Biden is driven by ambition, not ethics

Me Too, Believe All Women, and Time’s Up were popular, catchy ideas that under the rubric of compassion were intended to redistribute power from those who had it to those who wanted it.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Trump says Warren has ‘a tremendous lack of talent,’ calls her unlikable

President Donald Trump believes that at the end of the day, it came down to Warren’s “lack of talent,” not her gender, that lost her the race.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Elizabeth Warren comes out against women’s sports

Elizabeth Warren has come out in support of biological male athletes competing with women despite the obvious physical advantages they possess.

Libby Emmons

Elizabeth Warren wants transgender child to pick education secretary

Elizabeth Warren assured voters that her selection for education secretary would be subject to the approval of a “young trans person.”

Brad Polumbo

CNN’s anti-Bernie bias shows establishment elites will stop at nothing to destroy outsiders

CNN’s anti-Bernie Sanders bias reveals that the networks are all about protecting the established order and taking out outsiders.

Spencer Fernando

WATCH: New clip reveals Elizabeth Warren accusing Bernie Sanders of calling her a ‘liar’

New audio released by CNN tonight reveals a tense post-debate moment between Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: Furious man confronts Elizabeth Warren over Iran at rally

Dramatic footage was captured this afternoon of an angry man confronting Elizabeth Warren over her position on Iran at a Dover, New Hampshire rally.

Barrett Wilson

Don’t pull an Elizabeth Warren this Christmas—know your heritage!

Before making claims of who your ancestors are, get AncestryDNA and Ancestry® Family History this Christmas and be sure about your family’s past.

Quinn Patrick