EXCLUSIVE: Twitter censors hilarious 'Weekend at Biden's' meme, creator speaks out

The creator of the "Weekend at Biden's" campaign ad has spoken against censorship after Twitter labeled the video as sensitive content.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The Babylon Bee takes on Facebook censorship and wins

"There's more to jokes than just the laughter they produce," Dillon said. "Humor is a vehicle for carrying the truth, and the truth can be offensive."

Libby Emmons

Alex Jones returns as a surprise guest on Joe Rogan's podcast

Jones was banned from all social media last year, and has been the most requested by audiences to appear as a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

The Post Millennial

Children's author shames his publisher after deciding his OWN BOOK is racist

When Reycraft, who is Asian, wouldn't comply with Pottle's ask to pull the "Orientalist" drawings, the author took to social media to sabotage the book, telling people not to buy it.

Libby Emmons

Rapper Lil Pump endorses Donald Trump for president

"All I got to say is Trump 2020 b*tch," the rapper broadcasted to his over 17 million followers. "F*ck I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden."

Noah David Alter

Sacha Baron Cohen calls for Facebook censorship, then gets outraged when they censor him

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently tweeted a complaint about how Facebook is handling his posts, in ironic juxtaposition with his previous pro-censorship statements.

James Anthony

Chelsea Handler goes full-on racist over 50 Cent's support of Trump: 'I had to remind him he was a Black person'

Chelsea Handler, a comedian and ex-girlfriend of Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, felt she had to call her ex out publicly over his recent tweets supporting US President Donald Trump.

James Anthony

Morrissey: How did the ultimate anti-establishment artist make it against all odds?

We have become acclimatized to safe public figures who brand themselves as a commodity like a soft drink, palatable at first but devoid of any substantial nourishment.

Fiona Dodwell

Activists outraged as Jewish actress casted as Cleopatra

Twitter mobs and left-wing media outlets have pilloried Gal Gadot, an Israeli, Jewish actress, over her casting as Cleopatra in an upcoming film about the famed Egyptian queen.

Noah David Alter

Disgraced Rep. Katie Hill's Twitter account hijacked by former staff to allege further abuse

The self-described former staff of disgraced ex-Congresswoman Katie Hill hijacked her retired Twitter account to express their disappointment in the newly-announced film adaption of the "Hill throuple" scandal.

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: Music legend Eddie Van Halen dead at 65

Legendary guitarist and rock n' roll hall of famer Eddie Van Halen has died of cancer, according to his son Wolfgang Van Halen.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Spotify employees planning strike unless platform allows them to censor Joe Rogan

Spotify staffers are now reportedly planning a strike if their demands for direct editorial oversight of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast aren’t met. This comes just weeks after the comedian moved his popular podcast to the platform after signing a $100 million agreement announced in May.

Angelo Isidorou

CBC program makes fun of Erin O'Toole for having COVID-19

The official Twitter account of a CBC show posted a tweet poking fun at the fact that CPC Leader Erin O'Toole has contracted COVID-19.

Angelo Isidorou

'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano calls police on teen shooting at squirrels

Alyssa Milano is all for defunding the police, except when she needs them. She called 911 after she suspected that there was an armed gunman near her house.

Libby Emmons

Music legend Van Morrison to release three new anti-lockdown 'protest' songs

Van Morrison makes no bones about his vehement opposition to the lockdown measures in place right now in the UK and elsewhere, and has enshrined his sentiments in three new songs.

James Anthony