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BREAKING: Tornado watch issued for Toronto, possible flooding

A severe thunderstorm is heading through the Toronto area and a tornado watch has been issued by Environment Canada.

Sam Edwards

Heat warning issued by Environment Canada for southern Ontario

Southern Ontario has just been issued a heat warning for Monday as temperatures could break records, making the days feel close to 40 degrees the humidex.

Quinn Patrick

Extreme weather advisory issued for Vancouver

An extreme weather advisory has been issued for the city of Vancouver with temperatures likely to reach below freezing over the weekend.

Quinn Patrick

The future of Canadian energy is nuclear: Liberal minister

In order for Canada to reach its climate targets, the Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan says Canada must expand it nuclear power generation.

Quinn Patrick

BLIZZARD warning for southern Ontario with possible ‘sudden reduced visibility’ in GTA

A blizzard warning is in effect for certain areas off Lake Huron this evening and will possibly spread throughout Ontario to the GTA.

Sam Edwards

‘FROST QUAKES’: severe cold alert for Greater Toronto

The drop in temperature has been a bit much for many, including the earth’s surface. Toronto experienced what are known as “frost quakes” Friday, a rare weather phenomenon.

Quinn Patrick

Environment Canada suffers tech drought, despite billing taxpayers $19.3 million for new tech

Environment Canada reportedly complained about running out of computers, despite spending millions of taxpayer money on new computers.

Nico Johnson

Canada to face extreme cold and deep freeze this week

Temperatures could hit the low -20s C, which, combined with wind, creates a wind chill approaching -40 C.

Ali Taghva

Conservatives can win—and keep winning—with a strong climate change plan

With so much good news, it may be hard to imagine an area that can seriously harm the chances of the Conservatives. Except the party’s lack of clarity on climate change policy.

Ali Taghva

Sneaky "tax on tax" effect in the Carbon Tax

Only in Canada will Canadians accept the utter madness of paying sales tax on carbon taxes! For example, let’s say the price of your gas bill increases four cents a litre due to the carbon tax.

Neal Winokur

Gas prices spike as carbon tax takes effect

New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan saw gas prices increase by about 4.4 cents per litre starting on Monday.

Mika Ryu