EU to bar US travellers from entry despite reopening measures

European Union countries are preparing to restrict entry to Americans, due to the failure of the United States to handle the pandemic.

Sam Edwards

Parents find no reprieve in partial reopening

The lag in reopening society takes a greater toll on parents, who find that mixing homeschooling, work and restrictions takes a drastic mental health toll.

Julian Vigo

75th anniversary of the Canadian liberation of the Netherlands

From autumn of 1994 through May 1945, the Canadian Army spearheaded efforts to remove the Nazi yoke from around the necks of the Dutch populace.

Russell Leib

WATCH: Trudeau calls for more globalism, says Canada should take care of the world

"I think it's extremely important, the way the world has come together and understanding that a global crisis requires a global response," said Trudeau.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Italian social-distancing ordinances are more confusing than helpful

Italians are not taking social distancing seriously because there are simply too many government communications that are inordinately confusing.

Julian Vigo

Hungary uses coronavirus pandemic to squash journalistic freedom

Hungary passed measures to deal with COVID-19 that includes prison terms for "misinformation" and permits Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to rule by decree.

Collin Jones