Extinction Rebellion

The top-down revolution of the woke ruling class

The realignment of working-class politics have shifted to a technocratic urban bourgeoisie, and the conservatives are now the working-class party.

Sumantra Maitra

Extinction Rebellion protestors attempt citizen’s arrest of BC Premier

Vancouver Island Extinction Rebellion appeared outside the home of BC Premier John Horgan, claiming they would attempt a citizen’s arrest on the premier.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Extinction Rebellion digs up Cambridge Trinity College lawn

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has dug up a lawn at a Cambridge University college due to their participation in developing nearby countryside.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Two charged for dung-dumping incident at Ford’s Etobicoke office

Two Extinction Rebellion protestors have been charged after they allegedly dumped a load of manure on the sidewalk in front of Doug Ford’s Etobicoke office.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors scream on train tracks as rail blockade continues

Extinction Rebellion and anti-pipeline protestors staged a “primal scream” in Toronto on Saturday as they continued to block train travel….

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

WATCH: ER protestor rails against “white faces, white lies, white sheets” says she’s “not proud to be Canadian”

Extinction Rebellion protestor: White is for “white faces.” Red is for “the bloodshed of the people you call redskins … I am NOT proud to be Canadian!”

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: ‘You’re a bunch of losers!’ Toronto man yells at Extinction Rebellion

As Extinction Rebellion blocked trains in Toronto on Saturday afternoon to protest pipelines, one Toronto man was fed up enough to voice his anger.

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

Extinction Rebellion blocks rails in Toronto

Extinction Rebellion gathered in downtown Toronto today to block the rails and prevent CP trains from running.

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

Extinction Rebellion protestors block Toronto traffic, chant ‘Justin Trudeau’s got to go’

Extinction Rebellion took to the streets of downtown Toronto Friday evening to block rush-hour traffic and express their anger over pipelines.

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

NDP MLA argues Extinction Rebellion activists should teach in classrooms

Two Alberta MLAs are arguing about how climate change should be addressed and if groups like Extinction Rebellion should be allowed in the classroom.

Sam Edwards

City of Edmonton had children listen to Extinction Rebellion activist on climate change

The City of Edmonton had children listen on numerous occasions to Extinction Rebellion activist Chris Gusen on climate change and Greta Thunberg.

Nico Johnson

No, the extinction of the human race would not benefit the planet

Cancel culture has come for humanity. An op-ed in The Guardian calls for voluntary human extinction. This is one of many calls of late for human beings to extinguish themselves.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Extinction Rebellion dumps cow manure outside Doug Ford’s office

The Hamilton chapter of eco-radical group Extinction Rebellion dumped cow manure outside Premier Doug Ford’s constituency office in Toronto on Sunday.

Graeme Gordon

Extinction Rebellion protest growing into a tent city at Ottawa’s National War Memorial

Joining the protest is Roksana Hajrizi, a self-described “stateless Roma from the former Yugoslavia” who fears she, her sister and mother will be deported.

Jason Unrau

People are starting to fight back against Extinction Rebellion and it’s glorious

The tide of public perception is finally turning in the case of Extinction Rebellion, the folks whose tactics include super-gluing themselves to pavement.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson