Face masks

SURVEY: 83 percent of respondents say Canadian governments should mandate face masks

An online survey by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies shows that 83 percent of respondents feel governments should order people to wear a mask in all indoor spaces.

Joe Vaughan

WATCH: WestJet grounds flight after attendant attempted to force face mask on 19-month-old baby

WestJet cancelled a flight from Calgary to Toronto yesterday morning when a family onboard struggled to mask their 19-month-old child.

Mia Cathell

Family kicked off flight after 2-year-old cannot keep face mask on

A Brooklyn mother traveling with six children on a flight from Orlando to New York was kicked off a JetBlue flight on Wednesday because her 2-year-old would not wear a face mask.

Joe Vaughan

BBC advises no face-to-face sex during the pandemic

The charity published advice instructing intimate couples to avoid kissing, wear a face covering, and choose positions that aren't face-to-face during sex—how romantic.

Mia Cathell

John McAfee allegedly arrested for wearing thong in place of face mask

John McAfee was reportedly arrested for wearing a thong instead of a face mask in Norway.

Sam Edwards

Air travellers must now provide medical proof when refusing to wear masks

Canadians boarding flights without wearing a mask now have to provide medical proof showing that they are unable to wear one.

Sam Edwards

Laws limiting freedoms are not based in science but fear

These lockdowns were imposed for the purpose of flattening the curve, not stopping the spread. The curve is flat, and has been for months.

John Carpay

Woman smashes police officer's head into concrete during face mask conflict

A junior police officer asked a 38 year old woman why she wasn't wearing a mask and was met with extreme violence by the woman.

James Anthony

Woman throws hot coffee on unmasked man, fist fight breaks out

An altercation turned into a fist fight outside of a coffee shop in California after a woman threw hot coffee on a man who was not wearing a mask.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Toronto man not wearing mask freaks out over other man not wearing mask in Pizza Pizza, destroys display

A Pizza Pizza customer in Toronto recently expressed his anger by smashing a glass pizza display.

Sam Edwards

Fauci recommends use of goggles and face shields in addition to masks

Dr. Fauci suggested that if people want to fully protect themselves from coronavirus they should consider wearing goggles or a face shield.

Sam Edwards

Making face masks mandatory is not backed by science or law

Government policies are still based on the panic of March, rather than on the facts known in July.

John Carpay

Nova Scotia to make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces

NS has not reported a new case of coronavirus in nine days and the province on Friday announced that masks will be soon be mandatory.

Sam Edwards

Vermont governor imposes statewide mask mandate

A mandatory mask order has been signed by Vermont Gov. Phil Scott following the recent increase in coronavirus cases across the United States.

Sam Edwards

BC government recommends 'glory holes' for COVID safety

In an effort to help British Columbians navigate intimacy in the time of coronavirus, the BC Centre for Disease Control has issued safe sex guidelines that recommend use of "glory holes."

Libby Emmons