Why didn’t FBI Director Chris Wray do anything about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Amid the latest of a wave of criticism of FBI Director Chris Wray, a scathing and pointed letter from US Senator Ron Johnson to Wray has been made public.

James Anthony

FBI raids postal carrier's home and seizes trash bags full of mail

On the curb outside of Sean Troesch's home in Baldwin, Pennsylvania, trash bags full of United States Postal Service mail have been left out for garbage collection.

Leonardo Briceno

FBI foil plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

Thirteen people have just been arrested in connection with an alleged plot to storm the state Capitol and kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan.

James Anthony

FBI further implicates Obama, Hillary in Russiagate with new declassified info

On Tuesday afternoon, John Ratcliffe, the US Director of National Intelligence, declassified documents revealing that then President Barack Obama had been briefed on Hillary Clinton's plan to try and link then candidate for the presidency Donald Trump to Russia.

James Anthony

BREAKING: DNI Ratcliffe confirms intelligence implicating Hillary Clinton in plot against Trump was NOT Russian disinformation

A new DNI statement clarifies that the new disclosure about Hillary Clinton and the Russia hoax is in fact, "not Russian disinformation."

Mia Cathell

Americans call for the firing of FBI Director Christopher Wray after he downplays violent threat of Antifa

This led many on social media to call for the termination of Wray from his FBI post.

Libby Emmons

Officers targeted by gunfire at home with 10-day-old infant in Camden

Two officers were at home with their 10-day-old infant child when their house was hit with six rounds of bullets.

Libby Emmons

FBI seeks accused rioter previously released by Portland Police

The FBI announced on Tuesday it is seeking a man who was previously arrested—and released—for striking a Portland cop in the face with a skateboard.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

Netflix star and Biden supporter Jerry Harris under FBI investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors

Netflix's "Cheer" star and ardent Biden supporter Jerry Harris is under FBI investigation for allegedly soliciting nude photos and sex from minors.

Mia Cathell

FBI officials 'in real trouble,' face sanctions for frivolous Russia investigation

the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that the FBI agents involved in the unsuccessful 2016 investigation regarding the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government are in “real trouble”.

James Anthony

DOJ charges Seattle man for injuring Portland Fire and Rescue medic at Antifa riot

A Seattle man has been charged with civil disorder after allegedly shooting a firefighter with a ball bearing fired from a “wrist rocket” slingshot during a violent Antifa Portland protest on July 13.

Mia Cathell

State department illegally monitored prominent conservatives' social media in 2019: sources

The US State Department is going to release memos proving that illegal monitoring of the social media accounts of 13 prominent American citizens occurred last year.

James Anthony

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE: FBI now holding weekly 'intersectionality' workshops

The matter encourages agents to "recognize intersectionality" by understanding peoples intersectionality, "expanding" ones "circle" by being more inclusive in their networks.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Portland courthouse, federal buildings closed amid FBI threat investigation

Ahead of the terrorizing mob in downtown Portland last night, all federal buildings, including the Federal Bankruptcy Court and the notoriously targeted Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, were closed downtown amid a threat under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mia Cathell

Antifa activist submits false 'terrorist' report to the FBI, preventing a conservative couple from starting a family in the US

By submitting a fake tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an Antifa activist allegedly blocked a British man from living with his wife in the United States, denying the start of their family for four years and counting.

Mia Cathell