Most Canadians think GST cheating is not a serious offence

It’s "excused because it is seen as the little guy trying to save a little money," a federal report explained.

Nico Johnson

New Trudeau government guidelines call for limited pursuit of simple drug possession charges

Revised Federal guidelines say that prosecutors should hold back from pursuing simple charges of drug possession and reserve action for the "most serious manifestations of the offence."

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government awards Quebec company with no Canadian factories 10-year $133 MILLION PPE deal

A Quebec company has landed a $133,486,868 sole-sourced federal deal to manufacture pandemic masks despite not having a factory in Canada

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government makes masks mandatory for plane travel

The Trudeau government is now enforcing their first mask decree, forcing all airline passengers to wear a mask on flights due to the risk of infection.

Nico Johnson

Censorship coming under proposed Canadian Communications Commission

Empowering bureaucrats to censor what they feel to be “hateful” will stifle the liberty that permits a free society to flourish.

Lisa Bildy and John Carpay

Ghosts of past, present create haunting future for Trudeau minority

Trudeau faces past domestic and foreign challenges and scandals that Conservatives plan to resurrect.

Jason Unrau

“Dubious, bizarre lawyering” nets First Nation federal court rebuke, $2000 fine in anti-TMX challenge

According to Stratas’ latest decision, the First Nations’ application strayed well beyond addressing this core matter at least seven times – including that Stratas be removed from the appeal panel altogether.

Jason Unrau

Liberal denial of Trudeau buying drinks for Faith Goldy not adding up

The Liberals have decided that this election should be fought over whether people should be driven from public life based on the life decisions of people that they once knew.

Jonathon Van Maren

WATCH: Kevin O’ Leary roasts Trudeau’s performance on the economy

“He’s just very inept at managing. He’s a bad manager. He’s a bad fiduciary. He doesn’t have any skill sets. He’s never experienced what it’s like to manage such a complex thing [such] as the Canadian economy,” said O’Leary.

Dylan Gibbons

First election debate fires off with empty podium standing in for Trudeau

Looming over tonight’s federal leader’s debate hosted by Macleans and CityTV was the absence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Trudeau’s Rideau Hall visit and official campaign launch tale of contradictions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Governor General Julie Payette Wednesday morning to ask that she dissolve Parliament and plunge the country into its 43rd general election, evoked the contradiction inherent behind his tenure as leader of our G7 nation.

Jason Unrau

Greens surpass NDP in latest poll and Liberals lead by four points over Conservatives

According to a Mainstreet Research poll released on September 10, the Green Party has overtaken the NDP and now sit at 11 percent.

Dylan Gibbons

Trudeau to call start of election tomorrow

According to sources, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to visit the Governor General of Canada at Rideau Hall tomorrow to officially request the start of the 2019 election.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Liberals breaking Elections Act rules: Conservative ethics critic

At issue with respect to McKenna’s Aug. 26 event or those Kent outlines in his letter, is the use of public funds by ministers for partisan purposes; prohibited under the Elections Act.

Jason Unrau

Federal Court to hear six challenges to Trudeau’s approval of Trans Mountain Pipeline

The Federal Court of Appeal has decided that it will hear six challenges to the Trudeau government’s approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa