Feminists hate women almost as much as they hate Trump

Women are not a special class of saintly human. They are just as corruptible by power, ego and vanity as men.

Paula Wright

Feminism is not an inclusive human rights movement but a partisan exercise in exclusion

At the moment, men's rights activists are using the feminist playbook, weaponizing suffering as means to a political end, and doing very little to ameliorate suffering.

Paula Wright

Amy Coney Barrett disavowed by feminists for non-compliance

In the old terms, Barrett is the ultimate feminist but she doesn’t do what she’s told, and that’s what feminists really can’t stand.

Libby Emmons

UNITED NATIONS: The big problem with COVID-19 is ... the patriarchy

In remarks delivered to young women from civil society organizations, Secretary-General António Guterres argued that the COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to another "deadly" contagion—the patriarchy.

Libby Emmons

Women have had the vote for 100 years and the left can't dictate how they'll use it

As we, today, face the redefining of gender and human life itself, the modern-day mother is the backbone of society, the bosom that cradles, and the womb that weeps.

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: Trudeau government gives $159 MILLION to developing countries for feminism, coronavirus

The funding is also in line with the Trudeau government's stance on the international fight for feminism.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Mexico City feminists accidentally firebomb THEMSELVES in pro-abortion protest

A viral video shows a protestor tossing a Molotov cocktail at the president's residency — an attempt which swiftly backfired.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Radical trans activists silence women’s speech in peace-loving Vermont

Vermont was once a bastion for feminist liberties, and though trans activists wish to stop us from speaking, we will not be silenced.

Sherri Glebus

Who is feminism for? Probably not you.

If you exclude intergalactic space toads from your feminism, can you even call yourself a feminist? Probably not.

Amy Eileen Hamm

Rape shelter loses funding after trans rights activists complain

A Vancouver-area rape crisis shelter has lost its public funding after trans rights activists complained to the city about its women’s only policy.

Anna Slatz

Radical feminist professor indoctrinates students at Ryerson University

Kelly Train is not a teacher. She’s a conduit for feminist doctrine. In spite of her lack of professionalism and lack of accreditation, she earns $185,000.

Barbara Kay

Natalie Portman’s golden protest dress shows how clueless Hollywood is

Natalie Portman’s protest for women directors who weren’t nominated for an Academy Award this year was in gold embroidery on her very expensive dress.

Libby Emmons

Why are white women signing up for workshops that tell them they suck?

White women are signing up for workshops on systemic racism. These white women know they suck, and that their whiteness is to blame.

Libby Emmons

Anti-feminist blogger ordered to stay clear of UQAM campuses

A resident of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood in Montreal has been ordered to keep away from the UQAM campuses while his criminal case is pending.

Quinn Patrick

Lauren Duca is more toxic than masculinity

Claiming that America is a white supremacist patriarchal oligarchy, Lauren Duca says that only a woman can save America.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson