14 people face $880 fines for attending Ontario house party

Last Tuesday night, police arrived at a house party inScarborough, shutting it down and handing out 14 fines for $880 each to people hosting and in attendance.

James Anthony

NFL teams, coaches fined over a MILLION dollars for not wearing masks

NFL teams including the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers have been fined for all three of the teams’ coaches not wearing masks during games.

James Anthony

Passenger refused to wear face mask on plane—faces $5,000 fine

A passenger on a plane that was headed from Vancouver to Manitoba is being investigated by RCMP after he refused to wear a face mask while on board.

Quinn Patrick

Canadians have received at least $13 MILLION in fines for violating pandemic rules

A brand new study has revealed that Canadians have received over 10,000 tickets worth at least $13 million in total for violations of coronavirus rules in under three months.

Barrett Wilson

HYPOCRISY: Trudeau defends $5.8 MILLION in coronavirus fines while he breaks these rules himself

While Trudeau breaks his own rules and prisoners are being released in order to curb coronavirus, Canadian citizens have been fined $5.8 million.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson