Police arrest suspect involved in eastern Ontario shooting and arson

Ontario police have made an arrest following a shooting and a fire in Parham, Ontario— a village located about an hour north of Kingston.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

WARNING: Hand sanitizer may explode when left in a hot car

People are urged to be aware that alcohol-based hand sanitizer may explode when left in high temperatures, such as inside vehicles.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Historic Montreal building Academie Ste-Anne gutted by fire

The Academie Ste-Anne elementary school in Montreal caught fire Sunday night, and firefighters are still working on the blaze as of this morning.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Fire breaks out at CN Rail building in BC

Firefighters in BC are working to put out a fire that began at a CN Rail building in Prince Rupert early on Sunday afternoon.

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Five-year-old boy saves his entire family during house fire

A 5-year-old boy helped to save his family from a house fire with his heroic actions after waking up surrounded by flames.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Canada is sending more firefighters to Australia to help with bushfires

Canada will have sent a total of 95 fire specialists to Australia by Monday

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Toronto Fire Service captain in intensive care after devastating fall

A Toronto Fire Services captain remains in intensive care following a devastating fall off a burning building.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons

Edmonton mother and soldier charged with arson and attempted murder of her three children

Chantal Condie, a 41-year-old Edmonton mother and corporal at CFB Edmonton, has been charged with arson and the attempted murder of her three children following her husband’s divorce of her.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons

Thirty-four passengers on California dive-boat presumed dead following fire

California has been struck by a sudden, massive tragedy early Monday morning after the dive-boat Conception spontaneously caught fire off the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island at 3:15 a.m.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons

Trudeau dispatches water bombers, $15 million to fight Amazon wildfires

Canadian assistance will nearly match the $20 million G7 nations pledged together for wildfires sweeping Brazil.

Jason Unrau Jason Unrau

Alcohol-producing still causes Brampton explosion that injures four, including one-year-old child

An arrest has been made following a house explosion on Tuesday that shook a neighbourhood in Brampton.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons